The Packing Begins.

So I started packing yesterday for March Madness next weekend and I always feel like I am going to forget something. This happens every time. I will get all the way there and then I have forgotten something sitting on my desk. Never fails happens every year. So I started packing a little earlier this time. I have made a dozen or so list and I think everyone has a little something different.

The problem, I have too much stuff, and I think I will use it all when I go. Most of the time I do not use half the stuff I tote out there. Oh yeah and since I have been working on cleaning things up in my craft area, now I have to take it all apart, then I have to do it all over again when I come home. What a vicious cycle I lay in front of myself. Here is a little of what I have been doing the past couple of days. I really do not want to pack everything up now or I will not be able to scrap all week.

What a mess........It never looks that bad until you look at the pictures.So most of my stuff that I am taking is packed up, minus a few......... things. I have to be able to work on something this week, or I will go crazy.
Set your goals high and you will achieve more. That is what I always think. I have set a goal to complete 26 scrap pages and 10 cards while I am away. I know that is high, but It could be any size page and card. So we will see. I will have to let you know how I fair on that goal. Until the next time.
Oh yeah, Thank you my followers. You don't understand how excited I get when I get a new follower. It is like finding a lucky quarter. All shinning and you don't want to spend it. Your blogs are beautiful and I appreciate you stopping by to check on little ol me.
Have a wonderful time crafting and talk with you soon.


sharon said... have a lot of scrapping planned...good luck with that and if it makes you feel any desk looks just like that!..;)

Brandi said...

Good luck meeting your scrapbooking goal! I know where you are coming from packing and unpacking! :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Lisa Olson said...

Wow what a craft room!! Thanks for stopping by the blog, lovely to see u!!

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