Christmas Hangover

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas and received what you wished for. It is the best to spend time with family to create more memories to scrapbook.

After church we had our tradition of letting the kids open 1 gift on Christmas Eve. The kids will not let that one go, so I guess I have to keep my mind working long enough to know what little gifts I wrap.

I was blessed to get 5 Cricut cartridges that were on my wish list.

I finally have scrapped a page after a 7 month hiatus from doing pages. I really miss traditional scrapbooking. I think I will be working on more pages today.

I also cleaned and changed around my craft space, just a little.

Believe it or not I know where everything is. I will be doing an updated tour soon, I just wanted to take pictures while it was still clean. 

I will check back soon as I have been missing everyone. Hope you all have a Wonderful and safe New Year if I don't post more prior.

Blessings -

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper


Craft Show Today

Please make sure to stop out at the craft show today if you are in the Toledo, Ohio area. We would love to see you. There are tons of wonderful crafts by some very talented people.

Stop out and do some last minute Christmas shopping.

Hope to see you there, if not, I will post info on my booth later today.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

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Personal Stampin' Up Demonstrator Website

So I have been trying to stay busy. Really like that is a problem... I have been working on things for the craft fair this Saturday and I have been trying to get my Stampin' Up website up and running. Thank heavens they have made this a Very easy and user friendly process. Please stop by and check out what I have done so far.

If you would like to order any products feel free to place an order right on my website. If you have questions you are also able to send them right from the site. I will be updating everyday until I get everything current and then I will be updating weekly with current information and workshops.

Stampin' Up Personal Website


3 New Videos

I have been a little busy. Here are a couple of things I have been up to. Hope everyone is well. I am trying to battle an ongoing migraine while getting ready for an upcoming craft fair and the holidays.

Hope to hear from you all soon. Keep up the wonderful work. I love looking over everyones projects.

Blessings -
Mindy - The Determined Scrapper


Hello Everyone -

I just wanted to put the word out so everyone knew how utterly EXCITED I am!! I am now a Stampin' Up demonstrator. For many of you this is not a surprise and others it may be. For those of you that it is not - Don't worry, I will not be asking if you want to do a party or host a get together or workshop. BUT, I will let you know you are able to have workshops or place an order for products whenever you wish. (At this time I will be a (Hobby Demonstrator) where I receive all the benifits of being a demonstrator and a hostess)

For those of you that are not familiar with Stampin' Up or have never had the chance to play with paper, ink, and crafty stuff; I would love the opportunity to show you what a little bit of time can produce. You do not have to be a creative person, there are a ton of ideas out there to help you along the way. Why pay $4.00 for a greeting card? When you can make one from the heart. Homemade greeting cards and gifts mean so much more to the recipient that you can imagine.

So if you have any questions now please let me know. If not I will post more as soon as my kit arrives. It was shipped today!!!!! :) OH and if you wanted to get in on this UNBELIEVEABLE DEAL!!!!! You too can get into the Stampin' Up family at 50% the regular price....... ONLY UNTIL 11:59PM TONIGHT!!!!!!!

That is why I did not pass this one up. There are so many things about this that I could not pass up. If you have questions send me a message I could tell you more. If you don't that's fine too. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware.

Talk with you soon.

Blessings -

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper


Don't forget to stop by

Still busy, busy, busy. But I love it , love it, love it. Tomorrow 11/14 is the Craft Fair at the Elks on Holland-Sylvania. Please make sure to stop by between 10-4.


More Craft Fair Items

Here are some more items for the this weekends craft fair. Bookmarks. I just had to make some more bookmarks. This ones take a little longer but they are just too cute not to share. I will have to start working on something else and only have a few bookmarks to choose from this time around since they are so time consuming. I already have Ohio State, Michigan, teacher, and a couple other types made. These were just the ones that I had made this morning. Have a great day, I will try and post more later.


Newest Craft Fair Items / A little Hello

Hello everyone. So I have been a tad bit busy  lately. To the point that I have totally forgotten what day it is already. This is my first full week of not going into the office and I already don't know what day it is. I am not really sure how that is going to end up, but so far I am really enjoying myself. 

This is a VERY picture heavy post . I just thought I would share some of the things that I have been busy with. I have been so busy that I have gone with a roll and a half of ATG tape in a couple of hours. I don't think I have ever done that. CRAZY........

A dear friend of mind just had back surgery and I thought I would send a card. He is in a LOT of pain right now so it would be a good time to use the wonderful gift from ProvoCraft. I just LOVE this special download that Gypsy owners received. (even though I had difficulties with my virus software first, but got it all worked out) Smiley Cards has some of the CUTEST things.

This is an altered journal. I was very proud of myself on this one. This was the first time I did a full size altered journal and if I say so myself, I think it turned out very pretty. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would. That's a first. Normally it takes me forever to complete an idea. I think that now I am home (MAYBE) ideas will flow a little easier. That would be nice.

This is a toilet paper mini, I just love doing these. Some times it takes a little bit to come up with what I want to do, but these 2 seemed to come pretty easy also. This wintertime one is not 100% complete but I thought I would share what I had done. The very front blue snowflake page will have "make a " on it, so the complete book will say "make a wish"    



 Here is another toilet paper roll mini. This one is for fall. It would be great for photos of raking leaves or picking apples/pumpkins, anything done during the fall time. I would have to say Face is one of my favorite times of year - the colors, the smells, the feeling.

 Here are some of the Skinny Notebooks I have started working on. I still have a whole bunch I would like to complete before this weekend. I always feel like I don't have enough stuff. I would like to have a lot of Christmas and wintertime items for the next 2 craft shows but I WILL NOT stress myself out. I am doing this for fun, because I enjoy it and I love the fact that I can do this with what is in my head.

 I made the design on my Gypsy and instead of cutting out I attached my Cricut Markers and drew the design as my background cardstock. I love how this turned out.
 I then cut out some extra music notes and popped them up with pop dots to give it a little POP.
 This skinny notebook is all heat embossed. I stamped the front and back with a snowflake and boarder design then heat embossed it. I LOVE how it turned out. I then attached a snowflake button to the front, a piece of ric rac to the back and wrapped the ric rac around the button as a closure.
 I then stamped the bottom of each page with the same boarder stamp.
 I just stamped the entire piece of cardstock with white craft ink and made that the background. I just love how the white ink pops with the red.

Here are the mini altered journals. I got these at the Dollar Store. They come in packs of 3/$1.00.
 I was able to get these covered, but I have not completed them.

That's what I have for now. I have been busy and I LOVE IT. I have to get back to my craft desk there are still a ton of things that I would like to get done before this weekend and if I am at the computer, I am not working with craft paper. Hope I get to talk with everyone more often now and hope everyone is doing well. I will however be a little under the weather next week, I am having surgery a week from today.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. This past Sunday was the first time I had attended an actual Stampin Up workshop. And I must say, I had a WONDERFUL time. I now am going to be addicted to going to them. Its a good thing she has them every month.

More to come soon, well as soon as I can pull myself away from my craft desk.

Blessings to everyone.


More Completed Orders

I am loving this extra time to craft, here are a couple of the orders I have come up with and completed .Requested 3 Michigan, something for a 5 year old boy,Indianapolis Colts, something for her Aunt Rose that likes to read, a student in college studying to be a teacher, and a law student.

I decided to leave the top portion of Michigan off so it would not get caught on something and ripe off. The book is titled The Story of Rose, and the one in the file has a little stack of cards that I had written Docket, Case and Page on so if she wanted to write down the page she left off on she can do that, since all of these are bookmarks.

Now that I have those orders done and completed, I can work on more items for my next craft fair,coming up November 14th.

It seems like the things that I have been working on most have been bookmarks lately. But that is ok as long as I am working with paper and at my craft desk I am a happy girl.

Now to let you know in case I have not told you yet, I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE. Please make sure to stop over and visit my FaceBook page The Determined Scrapper.

Hope to update you with more soon. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper


You So Have To Check it Out. Don't you just love the new Blog layout. I was so tired of the same old layout and spending hours trying to figure out how to move things around, I was able to find Leelou Blogs and this super cute blog layout. I just had to have it. There are so many designers out there and I am more than willing to try something new, but at this time I do not have a lot of money to spend.

I have just quit my regular full time job to become a full time crafter. I have a ton of material here but I am sure that in a short time I will find that I do not have everything I need to get done what it takes to make a profit.

The goal is to get my name out there, to get the things done that I TRULY enjoy and love. My passion, my love, my peace. I have lived my life working for everyone else and can not do that anymore. Now is the time to make something work for me. My crafts make me happy and I can not wait to share them with everyone else.

I hope you enjoy the new blog layout and there will be plenty more out of me. I of course have been VERY busy working at my desk that I have not been able to post pictures of anything. I have been filling orders and trying to get a couple of things under my belt for the upcoming craft fairs.

Blessings to all. Talk with you soon.

Scrap your life, so the memories will last forever.

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper


Filling Orders

Busy Busy as a Bee

I have been filling orders and working hard to fill orders as they are going in. My mom takes orders into work and when she comes home, she has new ones. I haven't had much time to complete new work for the upcoming craft fairs, but I will get it done. I am super excited I have just completed my last full day of work today. I will have more time to dedicate to my crafts and hopefully be able to turn this into my source of income. This is my love.

I have the GREATEST JOY when I am crafting!!!!! More to come soon.


More crafty stuff


 I have indeed been a busy bee. I am trying to get ready for 3 more craft shows before the end of the year on top of having another surgery next month. I am not totally sure how I am going to due this, but I will work it out. Just a quick post to show you some of the things I was working on. There were more pics, but didn't have time to change layout. I will try to post those a little later today.

Have a blessed day.

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