Plain and simple

I am finding myself to be a pretty plain and simple type of girl. I love to follow people's blogs to see the wonderfully beautiful things that they make and sit and think to myself that I wish I could do that too. But then there are times that I have to remember that everyone has a God given talent and others have to perfect theirs. I on that note do not think I was given a shot with either one. I really wish that I could learn to do some of the things that other have, I mean everything is so wonderful to look at, very pleasing to the eyes. Mine is just me. Plain and simple.

So today I have made the decision to really just do what it is that I like, and that I can do. If I just sit there, it will come to me. Scrapping and cards are my release from life. I really truly enjoy buying things, and making things, even if I do not give them away. I like making cards. If they look nice, I will give them away. Scrapbook pages, there is a truly funny story behind that.

A couple of years ago, (OK, by now I think it was about 4-5 years ago) I had gone to a Creative Memories get together with a friend. I had so much fun putting things together, in a very basic layout. I still have that page and look at it every now and then. But what came of that night was the funny part. Awhile after attending that, I checked into becoming a consultant for Creative Memories, not knowing anyone that scrapbooked and having never done it myself prior to that night was the funny part. I had no idea what I was doing, but had a couple of get togethers and others really enjoyed it.

Shortly after I had quit selling it and would dabble in every couple of months. Until the past year or so. I have changed part of my living room to be a craft space, as shown in previous post. And I am doing more than scrapbooking now. The point of all of this is up til now, I STILL DO NOT HAVE A COMPLETED ALBUM.

How can you be a scrapper, an ex consultant, and love to scrap and not have a completed album.

Plain and simple, I just enjoy being plain and simple.


Anonymous said...

This is adorable!! Love the pretty colors and that dotted paper!!

nessy said...

plain and simple it maybe ~but i think it is sophisticated and delightful!!! and so , so pretty
vanessa xx

Mindy said...

Thank you, I just love to get comments. It really makes me feel better about what it is that I do. I don't think it is much. Thanks again.

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