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Happy New Year's Eve

Now that I have that out of the way, I would like to say hello to everyone and let you all know how much I have TRULY MISSED YOU!!! Being a grandma is a full time gig and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

I have been terrible with blogging this year, if you haven't noticed already... But I really am going to try a couple new things in the new year. 2016 has to be better than last year. 

First things first. I wanted to give you a heads up that I am getting my stamps together and placing them on EBay. I am also purging other items in my craft space. I have found that I just have too much stuff and I will never be able to use it all. 

Cricut cartridges,  embellishments, STAMPS (Stampin' Up, Close to My Heart, Unity, MFT, LaLa, and many many more), tools, punches, dies, craft blanks, alterable items, etc. New, used,  opened but not used. This list is going to go for a bit. 

So keep your eyes open and I will post a link as soon as I get some items up and listed. I may also end up doing a destash video. 

I hope everyone has been well and had a wonderful Christmas and holiday. Be safe bringing in the new year. 

Can't wait to talk with you soon.

From Gwendalyn and Mindy
Have a Blessed Day


Time to clean up

Hello Crafty Friends!!!

I am still alive. Currently, I've been enjoying the life of being a Mimi. I became a grandmother to a BEAUTIFUL  granddaughter the day before my birthday. She was born May 12, 2015 and changed my world.

I have not been doing a ton of crafty things but I am starting to get back to it now that she is 2 MONTHS OLD ALREADY!!! How in the world does that happen so quickly.

I am currently purging my craft spaces and selling a lot of items. I have only listed a limited number of things on my blog but wanted to give you the link to the Facebook page where I currently have a ton more. The Determined Scrapper - Buy, Sell, Trade. This is still not the complete listing but like I said I have a granddaughter and don't get as much time to post.

I am also going to work on completely revamping my blog. Hopefully I don't loose too much information along the way but I know I need to get somethings cleared off.

I would like to get somethings posted every once in a while and try to get back to the old me, but not totally sure if that will ever happen again.

Do you ever miss the old you, the one you were before 11 years of continuous tragedy keep knocking at your door? I can say that I sure do. Every year it's another unexpected death, in a horrific way. All I can say about that, I will visit with my grand baby as much as possible and just sit and breathe her in. Watch her sleep and know that her heart does not know sure things. 

So with this post I just wanted you to be aware that within the next couple days I will be reworking my blog and I will try and get a video up on YouTube of everything I have for sale. 

I truly hope everyone has been well and keeps their chins up.

Keep Creating
Mindy - The Determined Scrapper

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