Day off

So I took a day off for the first time in FOREVER. Really I had a couple of appointments this morning to get out of the way. And just so you know this surgery is really going to SUCK. In just a word.

So after I went to my appointments, I decided to stay home. First I had to make a quick stop my Hobby Lobby and Michaels to see what was new. And then came home and worked on a couple of things. I was able to walk around the store and not be concerned with time. That was really weird, but really cool all at the same time.

Here is a couple of pics of what I did today.

I have to start getting ready for March Madness next weekend. I can't wait. The problem is making sure that I have everything packed and don't forget anything. I am sure I will be working on something this weekend before I pack everything up. Until the next time. Scrap your heart out


nessy said...

hi mindy ~so glad you have joined my followers~i am now following your blog!!
what a great blog you have ~love your scrap~pages ~really must get my scrap head back on ~i did say i would for 2009!!
vanessa xx

Mindy said...

Thank you so much. I get really excited when I get a follower. I hope I am able to do both pages and cards. We will see this year.

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