Need to let it out

Edited 3/10/09 - Uncle Doug - today we spoke of you and I had a hard time. Once coming home I looked at a picture of you with your wonderful smile. Upon that I could hear you laughing. That laugh could like up anyone's world. I had forgotten about the little hiccup at the end until everyone started talking about you. You are truly going to be missed.

Sorry to bring you down. You do not need to read if you do not want to. I just really need to let this out.

My faith needs to bring me through, that everything happens for a reason and God's plan will be just. Right now though, I am not sure what he is trying to show me. My mother has just been diagnosed with Bone Cancer, I have to watch her go through a very scary surgery. I have to have a very scary surgery to remove a rib. My best friend has MS and they have just found more lesions on her spine. I have just lost my uncle.
I lost my other uncle 5 years ago. Really I do not know how much more of this I can take. Right now I am missing another funeral. Mr. Degnan, passed away on Thursday, unexpectedly.

Really this is getting to be to much.

God please hear my cry, and help me through this.


nessy said...

so sorry to hear your news ~you know i think we all ask god "why"?? "how can this happen??", maybe he doesn`t always answer ,but it is good to talk about it~even on your blog ~i`m sure there are many bloggers going through what you are.
i have met many bloggers who are going through what our family lives with every day ~it really helps
sending you big hugs
vanessa xx

Mindy said...

Thank you for your support. I know that others are dealing with the same things and worse, but this is my evil right now and I thank you for listening.

Lisa Olson said...

Hi Mindy,
so sorry to hear what you are going through it must be awfully painful for you. You can and will get through this, be kind to yourself, give yourself a few moments everyday to let it all out, to cry, or talk to someone or to scribble away your words in your blog. We will always be here to listen, read and offer what small words of encouragement we can.
I have been through so very much myself in different ways and lived to tell the tale, it has made me stronger, more understanding, patient and appreciative.
I believe everything happens for a reason, the one thing we are sometimes not good at is getting the balance of life right and sometimes we just need that little nudge.
When something bad happens I don't ask why anymore because I know that sometimes I may never know why, but more what can we all do to get this put right or get through it.
Thinking of you, email me if you want to chat.

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