Blog Candy and a Blog Hop

Blog Candy that ends today. I have been following her for sometime. She has beautiful work. I can not get over all of this candy.

Also here is a blog hop with DRS Designs - I love to follow their blog hop



I am getting ready to purchase a new camera, but I would like to use one that works well with recording videos so I am able to upload easily to the Internet. I was wondering what type of camera everyone else uses. Any suggestions?


Another Quick Card

I am getting to the point where I will just be walking down my hall or to the front window to look out and I will see that my desk is sitting there. So my desk starting calling me and within minutes I come up with something like these. I made this friend one in just a couple of minutes, right before leaving for church. My BFF was coming by to pick me up and I thought she needed a pick me up.
So until later, this is what I have. Two weeks until my surgery so I am getting a little nervous and feel like I am not getting a lot done like I had planned. But what is one to do. I have a full time job, family and not enough time in a day.
Again, until later, when I hope to get 1 or 2 more cards done today and maybe a page. Have a marvelous Monday.


Quick cards

Here are the two Hello Kitty cards that I did up last night, right after I got home.
This is a card that I made this morning before I went to work. Chipboard flower I chalked up and I just think it is really cute.
Planning on doing a couple of things before Grey's tonight. Have a wonderful evening.

Hello Kitty

Yesterday, I was able to get the Hello Kitty Cricut Cartridge and I am stinking excited. It is so cute. Michaels has them for $39.99. There are a couple that I would like to get, but I think my DH would not be to happy with me if I went and got all of them. I was happy to see that the first card I made with it came out very quickly. This is a cartridge with a lot of layers.

I would show it to you, but my daughter has it in her room, and she is sleeping right now. I will have to post it later. I also did one with Hello Kitty in a bed, and I think I will be giving that to my mother (recovering from surgery). That one was a little harder. There were a lot of layers. Small layers.

I am still trying to get more done before May 11, but being in pain makes it a little hard to get it done. Hopefully after surgery I will be able to get back to normal pretty quickly.

Have a WONDERFUL Thursday and I hope to post a page or card by end of the weekend.


Happy Anniversary

Congratulations Mom and Dad
35 years is no small feat. I am so happy for you.

Today is my parents 35th Anniversary and my mom is still in the hospital. I am so happy that I get to say that my parents are still together after all of these years.

I will be working on a couple more things this weekend.

I am scheduled for surgery and I have to figure

what birthdays will be here before I am

ready to get back to it.

Have a wonderful Suday.


Mother's Recovery

To make sure my mom has a quick recovery I am giving her this card. Thank you Dustin Pike for your wonderful digi stamp and your wonderful creations.


Thank You

Thank you for your prayers, things took way too long. Should have been 2-3 hours and turned out to be 8 hours. Again thank you for keeping her in your prayers.
Now on to taking care of her when she comes home and getting some new cards and pages done.
Until the next time, make your day awesome.


Calling all prayers

Just a quick post today, I am off to hospital to be with my mother. Today, she is having a major surgery and I have prayed so much for this to turn out ok, but I am calling for more prayers. If you could please pray for a safe surgery and quick recovery, that would be a wonderful help.
I hope to be back posting and looking around this weekend, but for now calling all prayers.
Thank You.


Favortie Card Size

So, I always have this need to know, thing about me. I was wondering what everyone's favorite card size is. I will attach a poll and see.

I am stuck at the beginning of my journey, and I am finding that I am just not sure what size card I work best with.

I also need to set a goal to do so many cards and pages.

Until the next time, have a wonderful day.


Last Minute Easter Cards

So I was thinking that I would make a couple more last minute Easter Cards. I remembered to take pics of this, but the really cute thing I made I forgot to. I made a Easter bucket with paper flowers and gave that to my grandmother. That way she did not have to water them and worry about them dieing. I really wish I would have taken a picture, it was so cute.
This week will be kinda crazy, I have to try and get my house cleaned up, mom's surgery is this week and I will not be home too much after work.
I am trying to get as much scrapping and cards done in the next month, maybe I should set up a page and card counter and track myself.
On another note, I just love to follow everyone's blog. I get online and check everyone's blogs as they post and really enjoy to see all the work that everyone else has been doing. I also love to have followers, it makes me feel needed. Even though I am not doing too much and I feel that everyone elses work is WAY better than mine, it is nice. I tell myself, I will only get better the more I do.
I have been pretty impressed lately. If I just do what makes me happy that is all that matters.
OK - so on with my day. I have to see if Make a Card Monday has been posted on You Tube and then off to get ready for work.
Enjoy your day, have a wonderful week, I will try to get some more done and posted.
Until Later my Friends.



Just a quick Happy Easter to everyone. Thank you to my followers. I love to have guest that stop by to visit.
I will post the cards that I did this morning in just a bit. Have a wonderful Easter.


Tuesday Night Card

So I was feeling like I might be able to get something done today. I don't know what happened, but my brain worked for me.

See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening.


Another Post

I have been a busy little bee, for not feeling well. I have done a little shopping and a couple more cards. Really have to do a lot before surgery. Really I don't have deadlines or anything like that. I am just a little crazy and think that if I don't get some things done, I will be miserable. So here is my attempt to do something.
Until the next post. Have a great evening.

Gift Card Holder

So I watch a lot of videos online and try learning new things. Yesterday I was catching up on some Finally Friday videos and came across this Gift Card Holder. They are so easy and quick.

I am going to be making a lot of these. I have 4 nieces and nephews, a brother and sister in law. I need to get mailed out in the next week or so.
Have a great Sunday, and hopefully after church I will be able to get more done and posted.


Srapable Weekend

Just a quick card. Going back to my scrap corner and working on more.

I have not been doing cards very long, and I am trying to find my way, and what style is best for me. I love looking at everyones work. Enjoy your day.

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