Really I have not forgotten

I just like everyone else have been totally busy. I think I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

I made my first trip to Scrap Happy Ohio, the day after Christmas and I loved it. Just need to hit the lottery and then I can make weekly trips.....

I have been cleaning up craft space a little and moving things around readying myself for my E2, CAN'T WAIT! 

The week of Christmas my son and I were pretty sick so that was hard enough to deal with.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Holiday and spent time with family and friends. 

I am making a trip to Scrapbook Korner in Archbold, Oh today with a friend and hope to get some more goodies, not that I need them, but.

Well I just wanted to let you all know I have not forgotten I still have a blog, I will resolve to update more in the coming year.

The Determined Scrapper

OMG I am so BUSY.....picture heavy

I am so busy and in so much pain. I have been trying to get so much done and I am physically paying the price. I have had 4 craft shows and I am about to complete my 5th and final one today. I am so glad I did them. I had a blast meeting new people and touching base with old ones. 

I have completed tons of orders in the process and continue to take more for Christmas and beyond. I would love to complete an order for you.

Here is some of what I have been busy doing......

Craft Show items

Blue one is a Christmas gift

So is the 1 above and the 4 below

Craft Show at Arbors of Sylvania

Craft Show at Premier

More new items

Craft Show at The Elks Lodge

Photo Clip order

Shark Bookmark order

Mary Kay mini journal order

Now its time to get ready for today's craft show. Have a great day.


Craft Shows

1 Craft show down 4 more to go. Completed 1 craft show yesterday and was able to meet 1 of my blog followers.....Candy very nice to meet you in person. 

Today I have another show and hope to get a couple more scheduled before the end of the year. 

I will also be getting a list of upcoming classes up on my blog so keep an eye out of that.

Here is last nights set up.

Until later today. Have a blessed afternoon. 

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