I have arrived

So, I am here and I have already started working. I really do not know what all I am going to get done, but I have a plan. I want to get 26 pages and 10 cards done. I have been working since about 1:00pm, that's because it took me an hour to set everything up. I still don't have everything out, but that never happens. That leaves me with 10 hours left today. The hall closes at 2 am. I can then be back at 6 in the morning. Until later when I update with what I have done at 2 am. Have a wonderful day.


nessy said...

my gosh ~that is alot to do in a month besides a weekend!!
have fun and enjoy
vanessa xx

Mindy said...

7 pages and 1 card down - If I dont set them high, I would never finish anything. I really have to get in my groove. I think it is coming. Hope to meet my goal. But I am not counting my chickens yet.

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