What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #269

Guess what day it is!!!

WOYWW #269

Yes, it's that day of the week again when we take a tour around the world. We start over at Julia's Stamping Ground. Make sure to stop over there to learn a little more about the WOYWW that has been traveling the world for 5 AWESOME years now. 

As for me, this is what is on my workdesk this Wednesday morning. 

Yup, it's crazy my room is almost spotless. I'm kinda stoked. I just got the bug yesterday to start working on my room and here is what I've come up with right now.

So, I've been starting to list items for sale on my blog. 

I start a couple of months ago making my ink storage and just yesterday I thought a good place to put my index cards was on the side. So in go a couple hooks and hot glue and now I have a place to grab them.

Hoping to have more for you later. This is a mini tour for my tour Tuesday.... That I happened to miss yesterday. I really am working on getting better at a schedule. The problem lies in the fact that I never know how I'm going to feel when I wake up in the morning.  I have also been researching the fact that if I would like more followers, I really have to work on staying on schedule. 

Have a fabulous blessed day. 
See you Friday for Find your Mojo Friday. 


Items for Sale

Hello all my crafting and non crafting friends...

I don't know if you had a chance to see or not, but I have added a new page to my blog. I am now listing items from my craft room that I currently have for sale. I will be updating as often as I can with new items. Should you have any questions please ask. 

I will be shipping to the US and Canada for free in most cases, we will discuss should the need arise for a difference. All orders can be paid through Paypal and when payment is cleared you will receive a tracking number for your package. 

Currently, Cricut Cartridges are listed for sale and I hope to add more items today. I will also be adding items that are already crafted and items from my stash. So there will be items that are new, used, and bulk items. 

You can click HERE or when on my blog click the tab on the upper left of the page.

Enjoy looking and enjoy your day.


I'm such a terrible......


One day, two days, three days in a row. Then what.... I can go for over a week without a peep. I really am trying to get on a schedule I promise. I just have had more bad medical news handed to me and was taking a little rough.

But what other way to get back on the horse than to share my days with my friends around the world. I know there are some that come back on a regular basis and some that just come back when they see that I happen to finally post something.

Well I will share with you the schedule I have worked out and what I will try to accomplish over the next couple of weeks. I will be down again for sure on July 25th due to a medical procedure I will be having done.

So here it goes - 

Tuesdays - Tour or Technique  Tuesdays

This will hopefully be a way to get me doing more videos again. It will consist of a tour of parts of my craft areas or a different technique. Hopefully I will be able to advise what the next project will be incase you would care to join along.

Wednesdays - What's on Your Workdesk Wednesdays

 This is something I have been following along with for a couple years now and truly enjoy talking and meeting new crafty friends. The main link up place is over at Julia's The Stamping Ground. This is when you take a snapshot of your workspace and give a little info as to what is going on in your world that day. I LOVE Wednesdays when I get to travel the world from my desk in just a couple of clicks. I also want to start doing videos for this when I'm able, but of course we will see how that goes. 

Fridays - Find your Mojo Fridays

Since I have dealt with my fair share of losing my Mojo I thought it would be fun to help each other find theirs. Maybe if I'm having an off day someone can help me find mine. Hopefully Fridays will consist of ways that I have gotten myself back on my feet craftwise after many many knockdowns. 

I will also be posting about my new machine.... My Janome Memory Craft 350E Embroidery Machine! I am so excited to add that to my collection of wonderful machines. I have been blessed with a hubby that helps me try to combat the ever changing medical conditions I have to deal with. 

As many of you know I am not tied to only posting about one craft. I was in the past mainly scrapbooking, cardmaking and paper crafts. But I have been sharing more and more of the fabric things that I have been working on. I would like to continue to keep my blog about all things crafty. This is how we can meet new people and talk through ideas and tough times. 

Since I had a really nice ending to this post and my internet crashed my post, I totally forgot what I ended with. 

I do remember that, I will be adding a couple new pages to my blog. Since I am a crafty girl of many crafts, I have come to find that I have a LOT of stuff. New stuff, used stuff and what was I thinking stuff. So that's good news for you. Why, you may ask. Well I will be posting items for sale with payment through PayPal and hopefully most of the items will be free shipping. 

So for now, that this has become a long post, I hope you all have had a blessed and safe week. 

The Determined Scrapper


WOYWW #266

As we all know it's that time of the week again, where we travel around the world in just a few clicks.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll be back to try it again. Start over at Julia's Stamping-Ground to get the heads up and where to go.

Ben staking his claim on the ink table.

Finally have my runner already to quilt. 

I don't think I have introduced Varuna. This is my daughters baby bunny. Her other 2 bunnies had 4 babies and this was the only one to survive. She/he is getting so big now. And cute as can be.

This week my desk as of Wednesday is not too bad. I have been working at my sewing table for the past 2 days. This morning was another day in the adventure of the bathroom remodel.

I think for the first time in a long time I really don't have a whole lot to tell you guys about.  

Other than, I'm so super excited for August 1 to come. I have just received my new copy of the upcoming catalog for Close to My Heart and I CAN'T GET OVER ALL THE AWESOMENESS INSIDE!!!

So short post for tonight but hopefully I will get my schedule up and get some more things posted this week.

The Determined Scrapper


WOYWW #265 - What's on YOUR Workdesk Wednesday

Yes I know again, I'm a little late.
But as I always get caught saying, it's better late than never.

Welcome to WOYWW #265

So if you are new to WOYWW, make sure to stop at Julia's Stamping Ground to see what all of this mess is about.

I mean not everyone desk is as messy as mine but some are and that's the best part. Take a tour around the world from your own desk. See what other crafters are up to and share your space. 

This week in the life of The Determined Scrapper, I have come to find my way in a few things. I am getting my blogging back on a more normal schedule and actually have a schedule that I am pretty sure I'm going to put into gear next week. I think I have found my mojo again that I have been missing for a couple years. And best of all I am starting to make videos again for my YouTube channel.

It will take a little time for me to get back into feeling comfortable with my videos but I really have missed everyone. I am also about to reach 500 likes on my Facebook page!!! Ok scratch that... I just went and checked my page and I'm OVER the 500 mark. I have 526 Likes. I guess it just took me getting back into the swing of things. I know God has a plan.

So as for my desk this morning when I took these pictures and was planning on doing my post, I was working on my Washi Tape cards. The other night I cut all the tags using my New Toy. I am making tag indexes for all my inks, washi tape, glitter, and other small color items for a quick reference. I also plan on doing a video or at least a full post on how and what I am doing.

That should be good for now. Hope you all had, will have or are in the process of having a wonderful week.

The Determined Scrapper


New Craft Room Toy is Happy to See Me!

One new video, one in editing and more on the way. I think I have my schedule worked out for my blog, I'll post that shortly.

Hope you enjoy.

The Determined Scrapper

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