Quick Cards

Just a couple quick cards, I did the other day.



OK - so after the year that I have had so far, I have decided that I will go back to my fall retreat. I had attended the March Madness retreat that I was so ready for and really needed and then tragedy struck my family.

Upon returning home, since that trip was cut short, I have just had one thing after another happen this year. I have attended 8 funerals and the year is not over with.

So on a lighter note, I have set plans to return to the fall frolic and get things completed. I was really torn as to go or not, but after thinking about it for weeks, I have sent in my registration and made my hotel reservations.

Oct 9,10, and 11 I will be scrapbooking my little heart out. I will post my goals later this week of things that I want to work on, so you can keep me accountable for some of it. I am telling ya, nothing better happen that makes me have to cut this trip short. I have to start packing things up and I will be posting pics as soon as I can. This will be Donna's last retreat after sixteen years of events and I do not want to miss this one. I am very sad to see her have to stop.

This was just a update. I have so much more that I could talk about, but I will leave that for another day.

On with the good stuff. I am working on my first mini album, can't wait to show that to you. I have made a few cards lately that I still need to get posted. And I really am thinking about starting my own Esty store. I will have to keep you updated on that.

So for the rest of the week I will be touching base. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Sneak Peak

The first ever sneak peak at a project in progress. Oh I cant wait to show you what I am working on. Didn't want to stop but I have to force myself to bed tonight. Two more work days this week.

Couple of cuties

I made a couple of cuties last night and I thought I would share.
Have a wonderful Day.


Qucik Post

Hello everyone. Just a quick post to say that I am still here. I have still been crafting, I just have not been doing as much blogging. I think of doing it everyday and with the crazy things that have been going on here I just don't seem to get to my blog.

I really miss meeting with all of you on a daily basis, but I try to keep up with everyone elses blogs a couple times a week. Hope everyone is doing well.

I made a small shopping trip and picked up a couple more things for my scrapbook room. I also have so many ideas running through my head, but never seem to get them out on paper. I am going to be working on that, within the next couple of weeks.

I really want to make card sets for Christmas gifts, so I really need to get started doing those.

Above is a card that I made yesterday, I had gotten new Stickles and just thought they would be really cute on that card. The pads for Hello Kitty were really small when I cute them out on the Cricut, so I used the Stickles instead. I think she turned out adorable.

Well until the next time. I hope everyone has a wonderfully fabulous day.


Love her videos

So I just love her videos, I went and made this right after I watched MACM.

Here is what I came up with.



Updated - Here she is the BIND IT ALL -
I also was able to get 2 of the new Cricut Cartridges. Here is a little preview of what I have started for my Bind it All
I kinda had a mini Christmas today..
So I was a little busy and I plan to do more after church in the morning. Will post more when I can tear myself away from my new toys.

I just had to tell you, I am super excited. I get to buy the Zutter


today. I have the greatest husband in the world. He always say, if you want it go and get it. Never complaining about my shopping problem when it comes to craft stuff. Really my husband is the greatest person alive. Just had to share that with someone. And those that follow my blog get the news first.

Have a wonderful day, I know I will. I will have to show you later something I make.


She loved it

So, Saturday was my Grandmothers party. I had taken over the slot machine the night before and my aunt just thought it was the cutest thing. When I grandmother got to the party, I was lucky enough to be the one that showed her what I had made for her. It felt so good to see her face when she found out that I made the whole thing. Then I also gave her the card that I made that morning for her.I have not done too many things that look antique, but really I love the way it turned out. I think I will have a good time making more things like this. Just thought I would share. I will post more later.


80th Birthday

My grandmother just had her 80th birthday. This Saturday we are going to celebrate with a surprise casino night. I have made a box to hold her cards.

What do you think?

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