Thankful Thursday

I am super excited. Tomorrow, I leave for 1 of the best weekends of the year.I will be scrapping from 1 pm tomorrow until 5 pm Sunday. With only a couple hours of sleep in between. I love this weekend, no rules, no kids, no husband, just me. I do not have to think about my life for the whole weekend and I really need that right now. I will not be able to scrap or anything for weeks after surgery so this is a good way to get some of it out of my system.
Sorry ladies, I will not name any names, but these ladies attend the same time I do. I posted this picture so you can see what is going on behind them. The space that is in the picture is about 1/4 of the hall that we are in and it is filled to the edges with scrapbooking women.

See doesn't that look like fun. HECK YEAH, I can't wait. I am getting all giddy just talking about it. I still have to finishing packing though. That is the tough part. I really have not gotten a lot done. I am kinda last minute when it comes to that.

I will take lots of pictures when I go and I probably will not post until I come back. Although I might when I am there, because I am taking my laptop. We will just have to see. Have a great Thursday and talk with you soon.

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Anonymous said...

How very cool!! I hope you have a great time!! :)

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