I've had this dream

Sometimes I will just have this dream that will not go away. There have been many times lately that I just keep picturing a page. I don't know why, but over and over again I keep having this dream. Finally, I have completed the page. Not much to it, but it is now out of my head and onto my page. Nothing big, but really I have thought about this bracket, and inking the sides of my accents. I did this today. A couple of days ago, I did a card I wanted to share also.

That's it for now.


First Sketch

OK - So I have decided to use a sketch for a card. And I am pretty impressed with myself. I normally do not use sketches, I am just a fly my the seat of my pants type person. I thought I would share it with you. I used Mojo Monday week 76, mojomonday.blogspot.com, I did an embossed flower on the front, and I don't seem to have a thicker white ribbon, so I used a thinner one and ran it around 2 times. Hope you like it. I think I might try and use sketches more often. My main problem is getting enough material that matches. I know that card making and scrapbooking are how you want it to be, but I am one that thinks that everything has to match.

I also did another card the other day. I started playing Saturday, and then yesterday came back to it. I thought I was going to throw it away, but it is very plain, and I really like it.

Have a happy hump day.


Nothin much

So, I really do not have much going on here. I have been in a little bit of a funk this past week. I have really wanted to create, but I am having a really hard time.

I have been looking around and seeing what wonderful work everyone else has been doing, but really have not had the energy to get up and do my own. Everyone 's work is looking wonderful. I hope to be able to get back to it today. You know start the week off right with a little hard work. I could instead of being on my blog, be out working on something. But I have a habit of getting up, drinking my coffee, blogging, getting ready for work and then going to that place all day. When I come home it is time to have dinner, thanks to husband is ready and then time to sit. But today I think I will sit in the craft space. I think I will work on a couple of cards for my brothers family. I have to finish up their birthday, anniversary, and Easter cards. See I have plenty to do, just not the drive.

Ok, thought it was time to post again. I will work on something and try to post a little more often. I might have to start offering blog candy if I want more people to stop by. For now, thank you very much for following the not so happening blog.

Just love to see you followers leave comments. They help me make it through the day sometimes.

Have a wonderful day, create great things and love much.


Plain and simple

I am finding myself to be a pretty plain and simple type of girl. I love to follow people's blogs to see the wonderfully beautiful things that they make and sit and think to myself that I wish I could do that too. But then there are times that I have to remember that everyone has a God given talent and others have to perfect theirs. I on that note do not think I was given a shot with either one. I really wish that I could learn to do some of the things that other have, I mean everything is so wonderful to look at, very pleasing to the eyes. Mine is just me. Plain and simple.

So today I have made the decision to really just do what it is that I like, and that I can do. If I just sit there, it will come to me. Scrapping and cards are my release from life. I really truly enjoy buying things, and making things, even if I do not give them away. I like making cards. If they look nice, I will give them away. Scrapbook pages, there is a truly funny story behind that.

A couple of years ago, (OK, by now I think it was about 4-5 years ago) I had gone to a Creative Memories get together with a friend. I had so much fun putting things together, in a very basic layout. I still have that page and look at it every now and then. But what came of that night was the funny part. Awhile after attending that, I checked into becoming a consultant for Creative Memories, not knowing anyone that scrapbooked and having never done it myself prior to that night was the funny part. I had no idea what I was doing, but had a couple of get togethers and others really enjoyed it.

Shortly after I had quit selling it and would dabble in every couple of months. Until the past year or so. I have changed part of my living room to be a craft space, as shown in previous post. And I am doing more than scrapbooking now. The point of all of this is up til now, I STILL DO NOT HAVE A COMPLETED ALBUM.

How can you be a scrapper, an ex consultant, and love to scrap and not have a completed album.

Plain and simple, I just enjoy being plain and simple.


What I have been up to today

So, today I have decided to get back on with my life. I greatly miss my Uncle Doug, but really need to get back to doing the things.

I put away the rest of my things that I took with me last weekend, and I bought a couple of new storage things. (I have a bad habit of saying so. I always what to start a sentence with the word so.) Anyhow, Here are a couple of pics of the cleaned up craft area.
And then after I had finished all of that I made a new card.

I will be posting a couple of pictures of my night last weekend, and show you what I did get done while I was there


Putting it back

As many of you know, or have read, I have had a death in the family. Last week I was supper excited about leaving for my weekend away from my life, and it has been ahead of me for awhile.

I was all packed, arrived at my destination, scrapped from 1 pm last Friday until 2:10pm Saturday. At 2:10 I received a call that would change my life forever. I have since been home and handled my life as needed.

Wednesday, we laid my Uncle Doug to rest, which was not the way I had seen this. But, yesterday was not bad, and today I feel is a little better. I know he is no longer in pain and that makes it a tad bit easier.

Last night, I started the daunting task of unpacking. I really have to stop taking so much stuff. Plus, when I was packing up to come back home, I had 5 or so people helping me. Thank you ladies for lending a hand. Sorry I pulled you away from your time.

So, I really do have a lot of stuff and really do not have a lot of space to put it in. I will post some pics later and show you want I have gotten done so far. I will post a couple of pics of the pages that I worked on when I was there.

To all please have a safe and healthy day and I will talk with you later.


A Child on Loan

Yesterday, my grandmother had this poem read at my uncle's funeral. This is a wonderful way to look at things and wanted to share with everyone.

A Child On Loan
I'll send you for a little time A Child of Mine,
He said For you to love the while he lives,
And mourn for when he's dead."
It may be one or seven years Or twenty-two and three,
But will you, till I call him back,
Take care of him for me?
He'll bring his charms to gladden you,
And should his stay be brief,
You'll have his lovely memories
As solace for your grief.
I cannot promise he will stay
Since all from earth returns.
But there are lessons taught down there
I want this child to learn.
I've looked the wide world over
In search for teachers true
And from the throngs that crowd life's loves
I have selected you.
Now will you give him all your love,
Not think the labor vain,
Nor hate me when I come to call
And take him back again?"
I fancied that I heard them say,
"Dear Lord, thy will be done
For all the joy Thy child shall bring
The risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness
We'll love him while we may
And for the happiness we've known
Forever grateful stay.
But should the angels call for him
Much sooner than we'd planned
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes
And try to understand."
~ Unknown ~


Getting back on the horse

I know that things are bad right now, but I also know that I am not the person I used to be. I was a very happy person and I have slowly watched that be sucked out of me.

Even with everything that is happening in my life right now. I have decided to get back on my horse. I want to be that person that I once was. I can not let the cycle of life stop me from being me.

Tomorrow will be a very sad day for me. I will lay my uncle to rest, but I know that he is no longer hurting.

After tomorrow, I will get back to myself. Get back to being me, living life for my family, and doing things that make me happy.I will start scrapping and cards later this week, since I have not unpacked from the weekend yet (have been way to busy to think of that). I love my family and I love spending time with them. I love to make things and scrapbook. Scrapbooking and cards are my release from life. I am getting better every time I try something new. I really will get back to me.

Have a wonderful day and keep your families safe.


Need to let it out

Edited 3/10/09 - Uncle Doug - today we spoke of you and I had a hard time. Once coming home I looked at a picture of you with your wonderful smile. Upon that I could hear you laughing. That laugh could like up anyone's world. I had forgotten about the little hiccup at the end until everyone started talking about you. You are truly going to be missed.

Sorry to bring you down. You do not need to read if you do not want to. I just really need to let this out.

My faith needs to bring me through, that everything happens for a reason and God's plan will be just. Right now though, I am not sure what he is trying to show me. My mother has just been diagnosed with Bone Cancer, I have to watch her go through a very scary surgery. I have to have a very scary surgery to remove a rib. My best friend has MS and they have just found more lesions on her spine. I have just lost my uncle.
I lost my other uncle 5 years ago. Really I do not know how much more of this I can take. Right now I am missing another funeral. Mr. Degnan, passed away on Thursday, unexpectedly.

Really this is getting to be to much.

God please hear my cry, and help me through this.


This is getting out of control

First, let me start off by saying I am sorry to bring you down. I have been waiting and waiting for March Madness and my trip to Archbold, so I could enjoy a vacation from my life.

Well, my life just could not leave me behind. Yesterday, as I was in my groove, I had finished a page of my dad's side of my family. At the same time I was not answering a phone call that had come in. Upon returning the call, I was told that my 40 year old uncle had just passed away. I understand that this is a part of life, and that it happens when you least expect it, but that does not make it any easier. Please keep my family in your prayers.

In the past couple of weeks, I have known of 4 other deaths, plus I will be attending 2 services this week. I am not really sure how to process this.

So need less to say, I did not reach my goal of 26 pages, but I did complete 9 pages and 1 card. Once I get my thoughts back in order, I will get back on that horse and work my way through things.

Rest In Peace
for you are with our Father
Douglas Laney


I have arrived

So, I am here and I have already started working. I really do not know what all I am going to get done, but I have a plan. I want to get 26 pages and 10 cards done. I have been working since about 1:00pm, that's because it took me an hour to set everything up. I still don't have everything out, but that never happens. That leaves me with 10 hours left today. The hall closes at 2 am. I can then be back at 6 in the morning. Until later when I update with what I have done at 2 am. Have a wonderful day.


Mr. Lawrence Degnan
Today is a sad day. Within the past couple of weeks a dear work associate had become very ill. Today he has left this earth to join our father. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers. Mr. Degnan you will be dearly missed.

Thankful Thursday

I am super excited. Tomorrow, I leave for 1 of the best weekends of the year.I will be scrapping from 1 pm tomorrow until 5 pm Sunday. With only a couple hours of sleep in between. I love this weekend, no rules, no kids, no husband, just me. I do not have to think about my life for the whole weekend and I really need that right now. I will not be able to scrap or anything for weeks after surgery so this is a good way to get some of it out of my system.
Sorry ladies, I will not name any names, but these ladies attend the same time I do. I posted this picture so you can see what is going on behind them. The space that is in the picture is about 1/4 of the hall that we are in and it is filled to the edges with scrapbooking women.

See doesn't that look like fun. HECK YEAH, I can't wait. I am getting all giddy just talking about it. I still have to finishing packing though. That is the tough part. I really have not gotten a lot done. I am kinda last minute when it comes to that.

I will take lots of pictures when I go and I probably will not post until I come back. Although I might when I am there, because I am taking my laptop. We will just have to see. Have a great Thursday and talk with you soon.


The Packing Begins.

So I started packing yesterday for March Madness next weekend and I always feel like I am going to forget something. This happens every time. I will get all the way there and then I have forgotten something sitting on my desk. Never fails happens every year. So I started packing a little earlier this time. I have made a dozen or so list and I think everyone has a little something different.

The problem, I have too much stuff, and I think I will use it all when I go. Most of the time I do not use half the stuff I tote out there. Oh yeah and since I have been working on cleaning things up in my craft area, now I have to take it all apart, then I have to do it all over again when I come home. What a vicious cycle I lay in front of myself. Here is a little of what I have been doing the past couple of days. I really do not want to pack everything up now or I will not be able to scrap all week.

What a mess........It never looks that bad until you look at the pictures.So most of my stuff that I am taking is packed up, minus a few......... things. I have to be able to work on something this week, or I will go crazy.
Set your goals high and you will achieve more. That is what I always think. I have set a goal to complete 26 scrap pages and 10 cards while I am away. I know that is high, but It could be any size page and card. So we will see. I will have to let you know how I fair on that goal. Until the next time.
Oh yeah, Thank you my followers. You don't understand how excited I get when I get a new follower. It is like finding a lucky quarter. All shinning and you don't want to spend it. Your blogs are beautiful and I appreciate you stopping by to check on little ol me.
Have a wonderful time crafting and talk with you soon.

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