My Stress .....going, going, hangin by a thread

This has been the craziest weeks EVER. I think I am losing my mind and no one is there to help put the pieces back together. I still believe the best way to describe me is BROKEN. Everything of myself is, BROKEN. I just feel that I needed to let this out somewhere, and since no one follows my blog, I can just know that I am talking to myself and no one else cares.

OK - Enough of that. Today I am going to work on a couple of things to get my mind off the rest of the world. Leave it all behind. SO. I got a couple of new things in the mail today and can not wait to really use them.

I love sales and coupons ( that is COU ponds and QUE ponds), see that is one of the things that drives me crazy. I tell myself all the time that we really need the money, but somehow I can go to the store and buy more scrapbook stuff, and go on weekends to scrapbook, that I think I am spending too much money on, just for a weekend. But then there is a part of me that really wants to think this will be a good time for me to think and be alone. If you do not want to talk you don't have to.

Sorry I am not really talking about scrapping. I think I will finish with my venting at home.

I will just let you know that the items I got today are

Fiskars Boarder Punch - Threading Water

and yesterday or the day before
Cuttlebug Embossing Folders - Perfectly Paisley
Stylized Flowers
Floral Screen

So, I will be playing with these for the next couple of days until I get


Thank you for helping me in my journey. We have never met, or spoken, but learning how much easier a project can be with just a little practice is a wonderful help. Hats off to you. Five children and you are able to still have time to scrap and craft.

On to he next thing. Thank you for reading this, if you are. If you are not, that would not surprise me.

He is guiding me in the right direction, this to shall pass and I shall be me again. It is time to work or have a career that makes me happy. I feel one of the best movies to explain how I have been feeling is Click.

Really, I most go. I would like to get some scrapping or make a couple of cards before I fall asleep. I might not even watch Grey's, I think this will be the first time since the show started. EVER. I need to be in my bubble, and let me be me.

Sorry to bring you down. Soon we will be back up and I will feel worth something to myself.

To all have a good night.

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The Memory Keeper said...

You are not talking to yourself Mindy. I feel "broken" most of the time too. The pieces will come back together though. Just don't be so hard on yourself girlie! BIG HUGS!

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