This is what I have been working on today

So, I am a little slow at what I do. I think I have to have everything perfect. Don't know why, wish I could fix it but I can't. Before I decided to take a 5 hour NAP. I really have no idea how that happened. I was working on a couple of things.

So I have to learn to take better pictures of my work. I will. So here is one of the things that I have been working on. I am getting ready to do a little more. Till then we will see what happens.

Have a wonderful evening.


The Memory Keeper said...

This is so cute Mindy! I love the paper. Now you have TWO followers sweetie!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! So pretty Mindy!! I love your colors and the little bug is so creative!! Thanks for sharing!! :) Be patient and keep creating and will get more people coming!!

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