Going Crazy

So, some of you know me personally and know that I am going through some medical issues. Well I was just thinking that after my surgery (still do not know when it will be). I will not be able to scrap for weeks...... Like 6-8. I am thinking this is going to really SUCK! So I was thinking that at March Madness I can get a ton done and set up a ton for when I am feeling better. I am getting a little nervous about the whole thing. I feel like I have been in a different world lately and really just wish I could quit my job and scrap all day every day. That sounds like fun.

I will not be able to type either. Oh heavens, what in the world am I going to do?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, nothing much more right now. I will post a couple of pics later of the stuff that I am working on now. My Garden pages.

Have a blessed day.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! I am so very sorry to hear about this!! I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and big hugs sent your way! Don't worry about the blog...take care of yourself!!

Mindy said...

Thanks - I just came back from the doctors. Not quite sure how soon I am going to have it. I have a full time job also, that I am the only employee. This is not going to be fun. Thanks for your well wishes. I am sure I will keep things posted as to when I will be gone.

Gracie said...

I hope your surgery goes well. And I'm telling you, I'd go crazy if I couldn't scrap for that long!! Can you get one of those hospital-type tables that they put meals on & can slide over the bed? There's got to be a way! (LOL!!)

Take care,
Gracie at

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