Made it through

So, I made it through another Monday. Last week I was not feeling well and I believe in part it was the medicine I was taking to make me feel BETTER. It was terrible, I was just not myself and that is not good.

This week after work, I plan on working on a couple more cards for my nieces and nephews. I also have to start packing up for March Madness. I want to make sure I am not missing anything. Last year when I went to fall frolic, I lost a mini power sort of pictures. That is almost 600 pictures, that I really am not sure what all was in there and I am not sure if I am able to replace all of them. I really wish it would just magically appear.

I would like to point out that I have a shopping problem. I think every week that I have to get something new. I have gotten a little better the past couple of weeks. OK, well maybe. This is one trip out, when I was not feeling well. 2 new stacks, 2 stamps (oh so cute), StazOn (Jet Black), watercolor pencils, more brads, and blending pens.
Last week I also received my Wild Card Cricut cartridge. I know that I really do not need some of these things, but I feel like I NEED them. You know what I mean. I am working on this and really I do plan on using all of my stuff that I buy. I was wondering, those of you that are newer to this or have used DCWV for card making, or folding in general, do you have a problem with it breaking?I have tried to not score it as much but just folding it still happens. I am working on finding the good paper and cardstock and might need a little help in finding the good stuff. I have a tendency to buy and then find out that I do not like it and it will stay in my pile oh crap.
Will show you the work later this week, when I get something new done. Until then, have a wonderful week and I can make it through another Tuesday.

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