Craft Room

I have looked and looked, and changed and changed my space to make a craft area that would not get in the way of the rest of the family. At first I was using our enclosed porch, that did not last long. The first year I had it on the porch and would run a heater when it started to get cold. Being in NW Ohio, we have winter and I could not scrap until spring. That is a long time to not work on anything. So, I had enough of that. Having just bought the house in the past couple of years, I am still working on the layout. Our style, that we really lack. Since we are lucky enough to have a family room and a living room, I decided that I should be able to move stuff around and have a permanent craft room or area, that I did not have to freeze in.

This is the room (porch) it all started in.

We as a family spend most of our time in the family room with the fireplace. The living room is a living room, dining room, and craft room now. I have claimed my corner of the room and keep changing to make it work. I think I am getting close to having it in working order.

This is a work in progress.

I will scrap a page or do a card and see if I have everything I am going to use in close reach. I am the type of person that really does not like to get up to find things when I am scrapping.

Sooner or later I will have it all set the right way. In 3 weeks, I am going to take more than half of my stuff with me, when I go to my favorite weekend event. March Madness a Creative Memories (Hosted by my consultant) weekend scrap that I go to every year. Back to what I was saying, sorry I tend to get off subject.

Today I used some Priority boxes that you can get from the Post office, for free, to sort and hold my DCWV Card stock and Printed Paper. I cut it down and covered it with white contact vinyl. So here are some more of the newest set up for my craft space.

I hope to get the Flip camera for my birthday, and then I wouldn't have to type this all out, I could just post a video. Ok, so that is enough for tonight. I will update more later. Have a wonderful week and have faith.


Lisa Olson said...

Wow look at all that crafty stash I am getting the next flight out LOL!!! I thought I had a lot but oh my gosh you could open a shop!!!
Thanks for stopping by. I will put you on my blog list too.

Jennifer said...

Hey there! Thanks for following my blog! :P I really like yours! Great crafting space! I love looking at everyone else's spaces and ways to store/organize! I love getting ideas, ya know!?

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