Five years of traveling the world to look at others workspaces and see what they have been up too. I know I'm a couple days late but around here you just never know what day it is. 

Welcome to WOYWW #260. If you are not aware of what this wonderful creation is or if you are interested in looking around the world in just a few clicks make sure to stop over to Julia's blog and check things out. 

I have been doing WOYWW for about 3 years now and I have to say it has been great fun to see and meet people from all around the globe. I try to take this time every week to see what everyone is up to and look into the creative minds of others. It really does help if your mojo has gone for a vacation or if you just need a little cheering up.

So for this week in the life of the Determined Scrapper

While finishing the last couple rows of my quilt my cat Maggie decided that she was going to be a weight and not let me get to it. But I finally was able to get her to move and...

FINISH My first quilt top. This top has taken me a couple months but it is a King Size quilt top. Now the rest of the quilt hopefully will not take me as long. 

While I'm waiting to get the rest of the fabric for the backing on my quilt I decided to start a little project. On Thursday morning I pulled out my new Block idea book from MSQC and decided to do the Flower Fancy Table Runner pg.21. I was VERY surprised when I was completed with most of the top in just a couple hours. 

Here it is on my design board waiting for the border and to be quilted. Wow I really wish I knew what took me so long to get to quilting. 

Although I've been down for a couple days. The pain from my neck hasn't gotten much better so I am still having a lot of trouble feeling my arms. 

Enough of the boring stuff. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and gets lots of crafts completed or started. 

Have a blessed week.

The Determined Scrapper


Sharon Madson said...

Lovely quilt, but I liked the kitty there too. LOL I used to quilt. I should get back to it. Love your new pattern. Happy WOYWW Anniversary! :)

ike said...

OMGoodness - what an AWESOME quilt !!!! I have never tried doing that myself and I certainly admire your patience. :-)
Beautiful kitty there - such a poser !!! :-D
Sorry I am so late visiting... I had a spot of bother :-(
Happy WOYWW #206

IKE in Greece xxx #66

Mollyhall Seeley said...

Hi Mindy! This is so impressive, especially since it's your first quilt top! You've done such a wonderful job. I look forward to seeing more quilts as you progress!

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