Everything is coming up FABULOUS!

This has been a very busy week since we last spoke. Last Thursday and Friday I attended the women's conference at my church. Fabulous - A conference to uplift and empower godly women. All I can say is it was FABULOUS!!!

This was my first year attending the conference and not only did I attend I volunteered both days to help. I will do that again in a heartbeat. Not only did I get to work with some wonderful women I had already met, but I was able to make many many new friends. It helped make my church feel smaller by getting to know more people on a personal level.

Not only did I get to meet new friends, but I attended with my Bestie Carrie. This was some of the BEST QUALITY time we have spent together in a very long time.

To top off our Thursday evening..... MANDISA was there and did a concert and had very uplifting and encouraging words. She was on stage for almost 2.5 hours. Of course I had to get her new CD, and I have already memorized the whole thing. It's AWESOME!!! 

I think I could go on for days about the fun I had and telling you more about everything I did but I have other fun stuff to tell you. If you are interested in finding out more please stop by the website and check it out on Facebook.

So after those 2 very busy days, I had to take time to relax. That took a lot out of me and I was not sure I was going to make it at one point. So Saturday it was time for a change. 

I thought it was time to cut my hair. I will only cut my hair when it is long enough to donate it. This time around I cut 16 inches off. I am loving how easy it is to take care of and how much lighter my head feels. 

You can't see the ends of my hair here but it is past the middle of my back when it is brushed out. 

And now it is just barely touching my neck. It is so nice and easy to take care of. 

Still more exciting stuff to tell you.

So Sunday I went for my acupuncture and when I arrived there was a wonderful sign welcoming me.

My birthday was on Tuesday and they made sure that when I came in on Sunday that they had a sign for me. I was very nice to see. (The owner was also a speaker at Fabulous)

Upon my arrival home from acupuncture that day I was going through emails and was just FLOORED by one e-mail I had received. It was an email from Wood Magazine. Now it's not the typical magazine I would expect to get a message from but I was so excited when I read it and responded back, it had made me even more excited.

They are doing a special towards the end of the year that will be covering craft rooms. They had watched my room tour on my YouTube Channel and liked a lot of things about my room. They had pointed out a lot of things they  really enjoyed and asked if I would be interested in being in this special..... HELLO OMG YES!!! So I messaged him back and he told me what all I need to do. I'm so excited, you just don't understand. So as soon as I find out if for sure I'm going to be in the article and when it will be published I will let you know. 

As of today, Tuesday, May 20. I have assembled the first 8 rows of my quilt and have 7 more to go before I can start quilting it. It really is not taking as long as I thought it would for my first quilting project. 

Okay, so as for the past week, I've had a lot of things going on. BUT, they have been FABULOUS. I hope you have all enjoyed your week and I will be back again tomorrow for WOYWW. See you then.

Oh here are some of the PhotoBooth photos from the first night of the conference. 


The Determined Scrapper

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my cup of tea said...

I did not realize we lived that close to each other! I went to Fabulous last year and live close to there! So awesome to share your craft room! Have a great week!
donna #73

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