Mojo is Peeking

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday and that continues through your week. I know it's a little strange I'm actually blogging on a Monday. Can you believe it? Yeah, me either. 

So this past Friday I attended my monthly CTMH club and when I was there I started to feel a little something. At first I wasn't sure what it was and then it started to grow stronger. When I came home I was still feeling the same way. I was thinking it was a familiar feeling but one that I have not had in a long time. By the next morning I had awakened to complete my club project with a couple of changes. And started to think to myself.... I'VE FOUND IT! MY MOJO IS PEEKING OUT! I was so excited.

Mind you I haven't completed a club project in about a year and I have them all sitting here waiting to be done. I hopefully will get to them slowly as my TOS on the right side of my body has been flaring for the past month.

Enough with that, lets see what I was working on shall we. 

And then today I wake up get a couple of things done around the house, while I'm not feeling so well and ending up laying down around 12:30pm for a nap. Well my nap ending up being 5 hours long... Guess I really was feeling worse than I thought.

I try to do a little here and a little there because I really do miss crafting, blogging, and making YouTube videos. But my body will only let me do so much. I have to learn to strike an equal medium without overdoing it. I still haven't mastered that. 

I also wanted to thank Tonia for always being there and encouraging me through it all.

Well that is all for right now, I hope you have a wonderful week. Or at least until I speak to you next. Tomorrow is a trip to Ikea to grab a couple of things with my daughter. Hopefully I will come back with a fun story or two.

The Determined Scrapper

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