WOYWW #258

And here were are again for another week of  WOYWW #258

If you don't know what it is or you really would like to find out. Please join us and travel the world. It all starts over at Julia's. She tells you what it is all about and you can connect with people from around the world in just a few clicks. 

So this week in the world of The Determined Scrapper... I am still trying to recover from my visit to the ER last week. I don't think I had mentioned it because I woke up Thursday morning with a pinched nerve in my neck that left my right arm in terrible pain and completely numb. But I will try not to continue to complain about my pains and troubles. They are not nearly as much fun to talk about as the crafty things we all have going on. 

Now that I am trying to find my MoJo, I was able to get my desk cleaned off a little and get almost all of my stamps and supplies listed in Evernote. I really am still working on getting a post together about that. It will hopefully be very informative. 

I think my MoJo is at the bottom of my clean desk. Yesterday was my birthday and I was able to do whatever my little heart desired.... Pretty much nothing. No, not really. My BFF picked me up and took me to breakfast. After that I had gone and looked at some flowers. I did end up getting a couple of starters from the garden center and came home and planted those in containers and by the time I finished up it started to storm. It was a beautiful day and I received wonderful Birthday wishes. Thank you for that. 

Today, I have finally. Finally! started to plan out the beginnings of my quilt. 

So I decided to hang some fleece on the wall since the little piece of batting that I had was definitely not going to be big enough.

My quilt is going to be 16 squares across by 15 squares down. I am going to be able to do about 6 rows down on this piece of fabric but that should give me enough of an idea for my planning board. I think I will be able to get it mostly up there and then start sewing. Hey, I figure it is my first quilt and so far it's working. 

Well so far it is working and I decided to stop after I had gotten 2 rows completed on the board. Hopefully I will be able to get to a little more tomorrow.

The next 2 days are going to be pretty busy. I am attending the women's conference at church, which is going to be the highlight of the year. 

I've been a little chatty Cathy tonight. I'm running a little late, but later than never right.

Until later this week (hopefully). Or until we meet again. Have a wonderful time traveling the world from the comfort of your desk and have a blessed and safe week.

The Determined Scrapper 


Bridget Larsen said...

Love the colours you have chosen for your quilt, I am a great admirer of quilters, so much work and dedication involved
Bridget #4

Chrysalis said...

Glad you had a good birthday, despite the twinges! The quilt is going to be beautiful. Have a wonderful time at the conference - I pray the Lord will really amaze you. Hugs, Chris # 23

Amy E said...

Ugh...SO SORRY to hear about your neck. I have a severe neck injury from a box falling on my head eight years ago, that has caused a disability, and I can tell you, I feel your pain! Hopefully it's better soon!!!

Your quilt looks like it's going to be amazing!! I can't wait to see the finished product! I have so much respect for anyone who can make a quilt!!

And happy belated birthday!!

Amy E. #3

Stacy Sheldon said...

oooh I hope you are feeling better! the quilt colors look like they are going to be so fun together when it's finished. ~Stacy #98

Angela Radford said...

Loving your choice of fabrics for the quilt, the colour scheme and patterns work so well together.
Hope the neck is feeling better soon.
Happy crafting, Angela x 50

fairyrocks said...

Love this color pallet. What a momentous undertaking!. Keep smiling and creating

Andrea said...

ihi mindy thanks for viviting and your kind coment. i lov eyour quilt the oclourway and pattren are quite striking and modern whcih i like the turquoise and black..they go so well togethere
. it looks like a mammoth task though!..I do wish I coulS sew I have no skill at all in that department. hope the pain eases and you enjoy teh next few days ...lastly as I am now babbling belated birthday wishes ...crafty hugs andrea x #11

Nicky said...

Happy belated birthday wishes - love the colours you have picked for your quilt and the pattern happy WOYWW - Nicky #30

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy really belated birthday AND WOYWW. Sorry I'm late getting here, but glad to see that beautiful quilt you are working on. These are beautiful colors and designs. Well done on the design wall, too.

I hope you are better by now, and the pain has truly subsided, or left completely. Thanks for the earlier visit from #1.

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