WOYWW #259

Can you believe it is WOYWW #259?!?!

So if you are not sure what WOYWW is, make sure to stop over at Julia's and find out. It is a tour around the world checking out the work desk of crafters.

After my post yesterday I really don't have a whole lot to say today. Other than as I type this I am not enjoying another migraine.

My desk today is pretty clean since I haven't been able to get to much the past couple days. I hope to get something going pretty soon.

I do however need to get it all tidy and get pictures taken for the magazine. OMG I should probably get busy cleaning but we all know how that can go. 

Check out my post from yesterday. I had a lot to talk about and share the wonderful past couple days.

Until next time, have a blessed week.

The Determined Scrapper

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Chrysalis said...

Glad you had such a great time away, and a good birthday. I do hope you shift that migraine really quickly. Hugs, Chris # 17 PS the quilt looks amazing!

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