First Completed TP Mini Album

I have finally finished my first TP mini album. Have you ever just felt like you are never done? Some times I just feel like everything I do I have to be a perfectionist and it drives me crazy. People that do not scrapbook, will not know that there is not a corner rounded, or that they could put a picture in a certain spot, or that a brad could have gone there.
Just thought I would share that I have finally finished something. I am working on a couple more projects that hopefully will not take as long and I will get them up as soon as I get them done.
Also please visit me on YouTube and Life on the ScrapBeach.
See you soon.


Katie said...

Hi Mindy!
I found your blog via ScrapBeach, which I just joined. Your album is really cute, what does TP stand for? I know just what you mean about obsessing about every placement and having a million and one projects at once.

Mindy said...

TP is toilet paper roll. I made this album using old toilet paper rolls. I too have just recently joined the scrapbeach and I can not believe how much talent this world has. I just love looking to see what everyone can do, it makes me envious sometimes. Thanks for the nice comment.

Katie said...

Oh my, I can't believe those started a toilet paper rolls! What a clever idea, have never heard of that one before!

I happen to have eight empty rolls right now, but I'm saving them until I get 14 to turn into a Valentine Countdown. I'll have to start collecting for a mini afterward.

Mindy said...

When you get a chance search up the Gypsy on YouTube and you will see what wonderful things you can do with it. I do not have a video for the Gypsy yet. It is a portabe design studio for the Cricut that holds all your cartridges electrically within it. There is also Design Studio and the Cricut Jukebox for the Cricit if you are not ready to spend that kind of money. I have both that I have up for sale. There are just WAY to many things to look at once you get your Cricut. Many more things to talk about. I am sure we will talk more. You will have to tell me more about your Valentine Countdown too.

Suzanne said...

I am so envious that you finished your TP mini album. I have 20 TP tubes setting on my work bench waiting to get started. I love your choice of papers and inks. Maybe today I will start mine! Thanks for the pictures and the inspirations.

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