Clean Scrap Room - No More

I just spent weeks cleaning and purging my craft space and then well, I did it so I would have a more functional and better place to work. Now that is done and I have gotten right to work. Here is what I have started and I am running with the clean work area. I am just loving the fact that I have a clean area and I can think clearly now. So I thought I would share what I am working on. So here are a couple of pics. I will share more when I am done.


Katie said...

I loved mini books with cool shapes, at least that's what this looks like. Did you get it premade out of chipboard and cover it with papers? Looks cool so far, can't wait to see what you've do with it!

PS: Totally with you on how much nicer it is to work on a clean space. I spent most of today tring to organize my photos...not an easy task but now I have a better handle on what I've already got printed and ready to use.

Mindy said...

Yes - this is one of the $1 chipboard mini's from Michael's and I covered with the Mariposa paper line from DCWV.

I have been good so far with keeping my space picked up. When I was done with the pink pages, I put all the pink stuff away wiped down my work area and started fresh with the next page set, I am very proud of myself that is not something that normally happens. We'll see how long that last.

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