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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and getting ready to have a wonderful and safe New Year. I am cleaning up my craft space to start off the New Year with a clean area to start work on some new project and to give you a little update on the new crafty toys I had received for Christmas.

After seeing what some others received for Christmas I am already getting my wish list together for my birthday. I know that is bad. But there are a couple of cartridges that were released this month that I just HAVE TO HAVE.
Now that the holidays are almost over, I am not rushed to do anything and I can work at my own pace, SLOW.
Again I hope all is well with everyone here are a couple of photo of what I had gotten done for the holidays.

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scrappinbearcub said...

Hi Mindy, I love what you made with your Snow Friends. I just got mine 2 days before Christmas. My husband ordered of Ebay from Oh My Crafts, I think they are cute! my son and I are sitting up looking over our favorite postings of blog friends and he asked me to see what you have posted today and wow you have been a busy elf we think! He is 10 years until New Years Day, what a blessed gift he was. I'm glad to see and hope you'r feeling better, you blog friend Ginny, aka, Bearcub

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