I am pretty proud of myself. I have been getting things done around the house. Painting, cleaning, ORGANIZING. Something I thought I would just put off forever. It seems that by the time I get home from work there is no way I am going to get anything done. Over the weekend We finished painting the living room. Now I just have to finish going through all the crap that we manage to acquire. I think we are pack rats and I am trying to get away from that. I have an entire box of things that need to be shredded, we broke ours because it was being used so much. I am also still working on organizing my craft area. I have so much stuff, but for some reason I do not have a lot of completed work to show everyone. That is why my blog name is THE DETERMINED SCRAPPER. I am determined to do things and have something to look back on. I also have been thinking a lot about cards. I have so many ideas running through my head, and then I look at some of the most awesome blogs and see what other people do, and then I do not think I can do as well as them. I know I have problems.
Well I really just need to get over that. I work full time, have a family and pets. I will sooner or later get everything done and be able to say that I accomplished what I set out to do. So I need to get it done. I would love to have videos showing what I am doing, but I do not have a camera that will hookup to the computer. Want to get a Flip, but think the husband would kill me right now if I bought one. I have a tendency to buy, use for a little and then let it sit. I am working on that too.
Until the next time. Make your day GREAT.

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