Blah, Blah, Blah

So do you ever have one of those days, where you are just not sure what to do. I have so many things that need to get done, but for some reason they never do. I am tired of not having the energy to do things that I want to get done. I really think that I need to talk to the doctor about this. I want to clear all the clutter in the house. Finish painting the living room so I can get my craft stuff set up the right way. I was thinking of getting those boxes that you add together to make a desk.... I will explain later.

I just received my registration form for the March Madness at Sauders Village in Archbold, OH. LOVE going to scrap weekends. This time I have the Cricut so I will make sure to take that with me. I still have not found an entire box of pictures. That is just killing me.

Talk with you later. I am going to try and get some stuff done, I have to go to the dentist today and really will not feel like doing much a little later until the stuff wears off.

Painting, cleaning, organizing, gifts, mailing gifts, my list could go for days. Over plan under accomplish.

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