WOYWW #265 - What's on YOUR Workdesk Wednesday

Yes I know again, I'm a little late.
But as I always get caught saying, it's better late than never.

Welcome to WOYWW #265

So if you are new to WOYWW, make sure to stop at Julia's Stamping Ground to see what all of this mess is about.

I mean not everyone desk is as messy as mine but some are and that's the best part. Take a tour around the world from your own desk. See what other crafters are up to and share your space. 

This week in the life of The Determined Scrapper, I have come to find my way in a few things. I am getting my blogging back on a more normal schedule and actually have a schedule that I am pretty sure I'm going to put into gear next week. I think I have found my mojo again that I have been missing for a couple years. And best of all I am starting to make videos again for my YouTube channel.

It will take a little time for me to get back into feeling comfortable with my videos but I really have missed everyone. I am also about to reach 500 likes on my Facebook page!!! Ok scratch that... I just went and checked my page and I'm OVER the 500 mark. I have 526 Likes. I guess it just took me getting back into the swing of things. I know God has a plan.

So as for my desk this morning when I took these pictures and was planning on doing my post, I was working on my Washi Tape cards. The other night I cut all the tags using my New Toy. I am making tag indexes for all my inks, washi tape, glitter, and other small color items for a quick reference. I also plan on doing a video or at least a full post on how and what I am doing.

That should be good for now. Hope you all had, will have or are in the process of having a wonderful week.

The Determined Scrapper


Angela Radford said...

Hi Mindy, I don't care if you are late Lol! It wouldn't do for everyone to be early, the queue would be massive.
Hope we get to see the finished tags.
Happy crafting, Angela x #48

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Mindy,

Better late than miss the party! It looks like you're going to have some fun with mustaches. Are those cards die cuts? That's a nice stack of them.

Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (60)

Gillian Pearce said...

Hi Mindy, Glad to hear you've got your mojo back and are making videos again. I'm sure you'll get back into it really quickly.
Have a lovely week
Gillian #28

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