Hello everyone!

My beautiful lilies out front.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. I've been doing some thinking lately. I think I have come up with a plan.

I really would like to get back into doing videos on a more regular basis. So I'm working on a room tour, since I have changed my room around...again. Also I have decided that when doing my videos I'm not going to be so concerned about the editing as much. I really am more about sharing my ideas and learning from others. For some that will be bothersome and for others they will find it to be a nice release from the - oh I have to have this and I have to have that in order to make videos.

No, we don't have to have the top of the line products or the top of the line best of everything. We should just enjoy the life we have and the talents we have been given. Share them with others and expect nothing in return.

(side note)
Going on vacation has helped me see a lot of things, things that I have known but just really pushed to the back of my mind. The city that I live in, people are so lazy and only care about themselves. They don't ever do for others because they want to know first what they are going to get in return. People of my community don't care about our planet and the lack of crap they are doing to it. I am not saying all, but I am saying the majority. 
(Rant Over)

I say this just because I really do enjoy sharing what I have learned. If it helps someone find their mojo or expand on an idea then I have done a little bit of good for the day. I was thinking of doing a series of videos and titling it "Find my Mojo Mondays" or something of that nature.

As many of you know I suffer from chronic pain and have yet to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This is where the problem comes in. I want to do these things and I hate to promise anything to anyone. But I would like to know if anyone would be interested in watching? Hopefully that would give me the little extra help on days when I'm not feeling too well.

I also would like to review some products. I am NOT a professional and have never claimed to be one. Sharing our thoughts and feelings on products though is a great way to help someone decide if they are willing or able to spend the money on a tool for their craft room.

Wow, I've done a lot of talking today. On the sewing front, I have a table runner and my large quilt to work on. I also will be starting mine and my Besties M.S. T-Shirt quilts. We have walked in the Multiple Sclerosis walk every year since she was diagnosed and attended many functions where we were able to obtain a large amount of shirts. Instead of not being able to wear them anymore due to the size I will make a quilt for each of us. I will record the process and some other things and add those to my list of videos.

So what do ya say? Ready to see me get back to work and making videos again?

Yeah, me too.

Can't wait to see you soon. If you have an idea or question about a product you've been considering let me know and if I have the product I will be happy to spotlight it in a videos.

Many Blessings
The Determined Scrapper 


Julie T. said...

Hi, if you would like to make videos, then by all means do it. If they are there, we will watch!

Mindy Adams said...

Thanks Julie! It was a middle of the night post of things that were on my mind. Glad to see someone was listening.

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