WOYWW #261..... Ok Friday but who's going to yell.

Ok so I'm a couple days late.... AGAIN. But I really do have a good excuse this time. I was taking pictures and was going to post on Wednesday but like normal the day had gotten away from me.

Here goes What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #261, Friday edition. If you don't know what I am talking about make sure to stop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to check it out. There are wondrous desk around the world that await you. 

This week in the world of The Determined Scrapper a lot of semi-crafting has been happening. I have not been able to locate a storage system that I really like for my inks so I decided to create one from foam board. In addition to that I have completely changed around my craft room. 

So as for the ink storage, I'm still working on this and I will post more about it in the coming days(weeks) depending on how long it takes me to complete. 

I have a sizable area that I am trying to use and I want to make as many cubbies as possible for one unit. I'm planning on having a couple drawers and an area for pens and markers. I may have to enlist the help of my hubby for this one. 

As for the room change. That all steamed from my hubby not wanting to move my wall mount for my TV, so I had to move my entire room around to accommodate the new shelves I had purchased at Ikea. I only have one wall that doesn't have a window or door on it and it turns out I LOVE the new set up. Once I get things cleaned up a little more I will be posting a room tour. As for right now here is a pic of a couple of the shelves holding my kids art from when they were little and mementos of family that has passed on.

So until the next time, have a wonderful week and keep on crafting.

The Determined Scrapper

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