WOYWW #246 Oh What Fun

Want to travel around the world in just a few clicks, make sure to check out Julia's Stamping Ground and join us for WOYWW. 

Sorry I was not with you all yesterday on Wednesday, I was at one of Ohio's most AWESOME STORES!!

Hollo's PaperCrafts, if you have been there you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't OOH MY you are missing a little piece of heaven.

Of course I took a pic when I got there, but once I got inside I was is aw that I completely forgot. I was there for 3.5 hours taking it all in. On top of that it is a 2 hour drive from my house to the store. The main reason for me going is the cardstock is $1.50 a pound!!! I needed to get the rest of the cardstock for the wedding invitations I'm working on. Ooh and the envelopes. OMG Envelopes anyone. What size do you need? A2, A6, A7, 4bar, 5bar, smaller, much much larger, pink, purple, ivory, you get the idea. They have every color and size you could possibly need or want to fit your needs. I was able to get all the envelopes for the wedding invitations and RSVP cards. 

So here is my desk after I came home. I have to get busy. I have to get these invitations completed before the end of the month and 150 of them to get made.

Here is there info

All I have to say is, one could spend all day there and still not see everything. I had a good day. Even going by myself I completely enjoyed the 2 hour drive there 3.5 hours walking around without a care in the world and a nice 2 hour drive home. 

I do plan on starting to do my YouTube videos of WOYWW along with other tutorials. This week was a little different. 

And here's a couple pics of my bouquet this morning. My lilies are so beautiful and smell wonderful. Have a blessed day.

The Determined Scrapper


Nelle said...

Oh I wish we had a store like that, I think I would spend all day there. I have to say I do not envy you having to make so many cards. Its not the making its the deadline.
Beautiful flowers.
Nelle 71 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

aw minds! I'm jealous of the store! and then you show lilies! how gorgeous! Good luck with the invitations, my word that's a lot to procrastinating now!

Susan said...

Wishing you the best on those invites...looks like a lot of work ahead of you....Guess I won't be going to Hollo's since I'm in southern CA....Oh well! Susan

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