WOYWW #249

My desk at 7 am Thurs. 3/13/14

Who said that it is better to be late than never? Really they must not have been a person with OCD...

So I have been missing in action for the past couple of weeks trying to accomplish what I thought was going to be somewhat time consuming, but NEVER in my wildest dreams, as life changing as this. Countless hours, sleepless nights, and migraines.

At the beginning of February, I had agreed to do the wedding invitations for an old school friend. It was an open mouth insert foot sort of moment, when I realized she was going to need about 150 invitations. At that point I was in and took on the task of getting them done and thought, oh I got this...

Well of course then life has to happen. Everything from not being able to get all the product needed to finding out my father in law has stage 4 cancer, my uncle having open heart surgery and 4 days later having a stroke, my sister in law is now getting married this weekend due to her father being ill with cancer and boy my life just could be a book that no one would ever believe.

Okay, so on with my post about other happier things. My craft space has been in a state of explosion since I started this project and it is driving me crazy. I can not wait to get busy cleaning. But I also can't wait to get out to my sewing machine. I have quilts I REALLY want to start working on. Now that every waking moment is not consumed with these invitations I can actually do other things. 

Over the past couple of weeks my desk has not looked as it does above. It looked a little more like this

And of course a lot more but who has time to take pics when you're so darn busy you really don't have time to think. With designing each piece, cutting, scoring, folding, cutting, embossing, stamping, adhering, printing, every single piece down to the ink on the invitation, I love what I did, I love how they turned out, and I love the fact that I get to be a part of her special day. But boy am I tuckered. 

So this is what I have ended up with and she is coming to pick them up at 10am today. 

So until my next post, I hope you all have a blessed day. And are crafty beyond your dreams. 

P.S. I do not plan on doing invitations again. Unless it is months and months out and not as many. lol


Anonymous said...

Wow. The invitations are absolutely gorgeous -- talk about a labor of love. So sorry to hear about all the sad things going on with your family right now. Happy WOYWW on Thursday! ~ Laura #14

Angela Radford said...

This is all gorgeous, no wonder you have been so busy but a busy desk is a happy desk. I think you deserve a holiday lol!
Happy crafting, Angela # 59

KatheD said...

oh, they're beautiful! & so is your kitty (if she's like most kitties, she knows that) - hope your "storybook life" gets a happy ending

Nikki Davey said...

Lovely bright colours .. your cats are gorgeous - my sister's cat always likes to try to catch my scissors or pens when I go there to craft.

I miss having my own cat x

K/Regards #97 WOYWW

Julia Dunnit said...

good grief, I learned to not offer to do invites etc in exactly the same way, too stressful under normal circs, but with all the other things you've taken on. so sorry to hear about you FiL and your Uncle.
I expect that cleaning up and some time quilting is just the therapy you need.

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Mindy I decided to have a late week snoop around some WOYWW blogs because I missed heaps this last week and have some time now. WOW your life sure is full on, you've done a brilliant job with the invites - 150 that's some guest list if it's couples. Sorry to hear of there are a few family members needing some prayers..hope you can get some you time at your sewing machine real soon. Cheers RobynO#24

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