Happy Valentine's Day

Good morning everyone and Happy Valentine's Day. I know not everyone celebrates today but that is just fine. 

Normally, I just say the greeting to my husband in passing and carry on about my day. But with him working 60 hours a week lately I have not had much time to see him. 

This morning when I awoke. I had sent him a morning message letting him know to have a good day at work. And to my surprise, he said good morning, he was in the family room. I love mornings like that. On my way to the family room I was lucky enough to spot these beauties

I know we can say that flowers are not our thing, but really who doesn't love to get them. They are so beautiful and smell so good. He did a great job picking this bouquet out. Has my favorites in it. Stargazer Lilies. 

After my meeting yesterday with the bride and groom to be, we have nailed down the invitations and I am going to get busy making them. Need to get 100 -125 completed by the end of the month. 

It is so fun being able to come across a comment in a friends' facebook status from grade school, then end up doing her wedding invitations. 

Handmade really is so much more meaningful then store bought. 

Until later when I actually get some work done. Have a wonderful blessed day. 

Blessings -
Mindy - The Determined Scrapper

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Brenda said...

Oh my what beautiful flowers!! How sweet that your hubby was home and you got to spend some time with him. And what a surprise to find these beauties waiting for you too. Enjoy!!

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