Updated - Here she is the BIND IT ALL -
I also was able to get 2 of the new Cricut Cartridges. Here is a little preview of what I have started for my Bind it All
I kinda had a mini Christmas today..
So I was a little busy and I plan to do more after church in the morning. Will post more when I can tear myself away from my new toys.

I just had to tell you, I am super excited. I get to buy the Zutter


today. I have the greatest husband in the world. He always say, if you want it go and get it. Never complaining about my shopping problem when it comes to craft stuff. Really my husband is the greatest person alive. Just had to share that with someone. And those that follow my blog get the news first.

Have a wonderful day, I know I will. I will have to show you later something I make.

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