I can not tell you how excited I am right NOW......
I will be getting my ATG 714 Tape Gun today. What a day to get it. I just checked the shipment and it is in town. It is scheduled to be here today. Really of all days how cool is that. National Scrapbooking Day and I will have my ATG gun to do my projects with. Really, I am supper excited.
Just thought I would share that with you. Till later, have a wonderful day, think outside the box, and scrap, scrap, scrap.


nessy said...

sounds very exciting ~if i knew what it was????!!! have many hours of fun and cannot wait to see your scrapbook page
vanessa xx

Mindy said...

ATG714 - is a tape gun that is awesome and I can not wait to get it. I will have to show you a little later how to use it.

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