Welcome to October!!!

Hello Crafty Friends

I know it has been some times since I've been actively around and I truly miss everyone. 

The past 2 months have been very life changing and I'm just trying to dig myself back out. 

I was doing well mentally for awhile and then BAM... I was just TKO'd without warning. 

I lost my Father in Law, family friends Father, and that same friends live-in sister in law. Then after all of this I have been diagnosed with more medical issues. We'll go into that more later. 

I have just returned from my fall crop with all my favorite crafty friends that live near me. We had an extended weekend at Sauder Village. One of my FAVORITE places to crop. 

Prior to leaving I had finished up my second quilt. I was asked after completing my moms birthday gift. Her quilt was my very first project and I decided to go big or go home. I made a King size quilt for her bed all on my machine. Did all the patchwork, binding and quilting myself. 

If I would make a quilt for my cousins girlfriends sister in law, that just had her baby. It's hard to say now when it comes to babies. I made sure to let her know that I am not a professional but I will do my very best. 

It turned out very cute and I made it all with baby flannel. It was soooo soft. I embroidered his name on it and it made it much cuter. 

And last but not least for now..... I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!! I mean a Mimi. No Grannies here. I'm too young for that. My son and his girlfriend are due on my birthday May 2015.

So hopefully everyone has been well and taking care of business. I will be listing more items for sale that didn't make it to the garage sale that I also had in that time frame. I have the Regular Expression and the Expression 2 for sale. I need to update my list of cartridges as many of those did sell. 

I was lucky enough to purchase the Cricut Explore on HSN for a crazy cheap price for everything that comes with it ( I paid WAY less than listed). But I just went to see if they still had it and again they have sold out. 

Talk with you soon as I would really like to get back on track. I really miss crafting and there is a lot to get done before Christmas.


The Determined Scrapper

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