I Miss....

Hello Crafty Friends!!!

(My Ben watching YouTube with me)

I just wanted everyone to know that I miss you all! I know life happens and sometimes we have to step away from the computer for a little bit here and there but it makes me miss you all the more. 

I have been missing out on a lot of your crafty stuff as I have only been around Blogland here and there. Since the passing for my Father in Law, and two family friends things just seem to keep getting crazier.

 As always, during my fall crop,  I didn't get much done but I did find my mojo as I was packing up. I have now added more things to my " I MUST MAKE THIS LIST". 

I am really missing scrapping and have the itch to make some mini albums again. I am going to be working on pregnancy and baby one for my sons girlfriend.

But first I am working on Christmas gifts. My list is long and plenty and somehow it just keeps getting put off. I want to do things but then my body tells me its time to take a nap. 

I'm about 3/4 the way done with my daughters "Katwise inspired" sweater coat. I can't wait till it's done. It's not the best but this is my first one, of many many more. 

I of course don't have a full pic of it yet but this is just what the skirt of it was like at the very beginning. 

Tonight as I'm working on my post I have my embroidery machine stitching away. I have a lot of gifts this year that I would like to include awesome artwork on top of the gift itself. I can't wait to see the reaction of my Aunt and Uncle that receive these blankets.  Each year I put a fleece blanket in the family gift exchange and the first year they were the ones to receive it. This past year my uncle has had a rough go. Open heart surgery, stroke, another surgery to correct the growth of his chest.... Ever since he has been home this blanket has been his little security blanket. I'm telling you, he has been like Linus. He always has that blanket. So I thought it was time to give him a blanket that not only is big enough for him but is not blue and white polka dot and a little more personalized. 

I hope to get a tutorial together and up for this weeks Tour/Technique Tuesday. I really am working on my videos for my YouTube Channel

Since I seem to be rambling I will call it a post of tonight. I really am going to be working pretty hard at sharing what is going on here in regards to my crafty stuff. I hope everyone is well and I'll talk with you soon.

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper

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