WOYWW or should I Say WOYWT

Here I go again, running late. It is better to be late than to never show up, right?

Yesterday, it was the Fourth of July and here in the US it is a very important holiday for us. SO I was celebrating with my family and friends the independence of our great country.

I have also been very busy the past week, helping my grandmother. So I have not been home working in my room like I normally would be. I miss my desk very much. There have however been a couple of evenings that I haven't fallen asleep too fast and I was able to work on an album for my sons graduation party. 

Its a flip flap book and I hope he loves it. This one has the pictures from his graduation and I am going to make some boards up with through the years pictures of him. I noticed the other day that he does like looking at old pictures with me. He just doesn't like to admit it. Teenagers....

I miss him being at home already. OK, so this week along with getting ready for his party next week. I hope to get a couple of other things done and get them up and posted for you. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend and I will talk with you soon. 


505whimsygirl said...

Hey Mindy,

Cute flip book! I was out celebrating our Independence yesterday so am just now getting around to visiting.

Kay #27

scrappymo! said...

Nice book...hope you show more of it next week!

Queen Lightwell said...

Aren't boys funny? My son used to love being tickled, though he said he hated it! Its very sweet of you to be helping your grandmother. Hopefully your sons party goes well and you have a wonderful week!:)
Deeyll #140

Morti said...

You're so right about teenagers and pictures. Mine is about to turn 12 (honorary teen, she acts about 18!) and she claims to hate having her photo done, but since the start of the year it's Project Life this and scrapbook that. LOL

Lovely flip book!

Morti #47

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