You So Have To Check it Out. Don't you just love the new Blog layout. I was so tired of the same old layout and spending hours trying to figure out how to move things around, I was able to find Leelou Blogs and this super cute blog layout. I just had to have it. There are so many designers out there and I am more than willing to try something new, but at this time I do not have a lot of money to spend.

I have just quit my regular full time job to become a full time crafter. I have a ton of material here but I am sure that in a short time I will find that I do not have everything I need to get done what it takes to make a profit.

The goal is to get my name out there, to get the things done that I TRULY enjoy and love. My passion, my love, my peace. I have lived my life working for everyone else and can not do that anymore. Now is the time to make something work for me. My crafts make me happy and I can not wait to share them with everyone else.

I hope you enjoy the new blog layout and there will be plenty more out of me. I of course have been VERY busy working at my desk that I have not been able to post pictures of anything. I have been filling orders and trying to get a couple of things under my belt for the upcoming craft fairs.

Blessings to all. Talk with you soon.

Scrap your life, so the memories will last forever.

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper

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Monica said...

Thank you for stopping by and following.
I have to say I agree with you and bravo to you.
You said what I want to say .. about quitting the job to do crafting full time. Crafting makes me happy too. I wish you so much success and I do like this layout a lot!
I look forward to seeing you everywhere!
All the best, Monica

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