More Completed Orders

I am loving this extra time to craft, here are a couple of the orders I have come up with and completed .Requested 3 Michigan, something for a 5 year old boy,Indianapolis Colts, something for her Aunt Rose that likes to read, a student in college studying to be a teacher, and a law student.

I decided to leave the top portion of Michigan off so it would not get caught on something and ripe off. The book is titled The Story of Rose, and the one in the file has a little stack of cards that I had written Docket, Case and Page on so if she wanted to write down the page she left off on she can do that, since all of these are bookmarks.

Now that I have those orders done and completed, I can work on more items for my next craft fair,coming up November 14th.

It seems like the things that I have been working on most have been bookmarks lately. But that is ok as long as I am working with paper and at my craft desk I am a happy girl.

Now to let you know in case I have not told you yet, I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE. Please make sure to stop over and visit my FaceBook page The Determined Scrapper.

Hope to update you with more soon. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl!! Hope you've been doing well!! :) I love these!! So adorable and I bet they were really fun to make!! HUGS

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