I can't believe it. My mom took her bookmark to work in one of the books that she was reading and that day I had an order for 6 bookmarks. So I started working on those.

When I was working on the bookmarks that were ordered, I designed some for them and then I thought, Hey I'm making some that others would like too so why not make more when cutting them out.
I used the 50 States cartridge to cut out the state of Ohio at 3.5 and I used Old West to cut out the OSU and welded them together using my Gypsy.

On the Cheerleader that she ordered, I used Everyday Paperdolls.
One of the other girls at her work also ordered 2 cat book marks and I still have to finish the 2nd one but this is the first one that I came up with using the Meow Cartridge.

These bookmarks are just a few of the things that I have been working on lately. I can't wait until I am done working and I can dedicate more time to crafting. I am thinking of setting up an Etsy shop down the road since I am in 4 more craft shows this year.
I had a BLAST at my first one and can not wait for the next. I just find such enjoyment from crafting. I can't wait to do it all the time.
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Anonymous said...

Oh wow Mindy!! These are so very clever!! I love this bookmark idea!! :)

nessy said...

what fab ideas for bookmarks ~ how clever are you???
vanessa xx

Danielle Hunter said...

Oh no! OSU! It's a good thing, my hubby won't see these! The cheerleader is so cute (and the colors are a bit better, lol!)

Mindy said...

Trust me Danielle, I think my fingers were going to fall off because I had to make those. My entire family is OSU fans and I am the only Michigan fan. It is ok, I have spent my whole life that way. I will be making some MI ones soon, first I have to design some.

Nancy W said...

Very cool!!!

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