Some New Bloggers - Opening Their Windows

I am going to start advising you, every now and then of some new blogs that I am starting to follow. That way I can get their names out there and you might want to take a look too. Today there is Cathy over at - The Scrappy Knitter and The Crafty Alley Shop- she is a member with me at TheScrapBeach.

If you too would like to do the same. Please feel free. I hope to be posting more in the coming weeks, as my life is getting back under control. Thanks for supporting me and helping me along the way.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

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Lori Apgar said...

Mindy - I saw your cricut post on the Scrapbooking Mama's board and thought I would come check you out. I am a new follower (scrappinmystressaway) and invite you to check out my blog as well.

Love the purple on your blog!!

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