I'm Still Alive

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive. I am sorry I have not posted in a bit. I have been a little (a lot) under the weather and I am battling some of my own personal demons right now. I have had some personal things to deal with and just have not been able to get up the energy to craft.

I really hope that this changes soon. I am starting to miss it. Hopefully this weekend. I will get out of my rut and get my butt in gear.

So on to happy more cheerful news. Everyone that has been posting work, it looks great. See you soon.


Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

You've had a lot going on lately, don't worry about us☺ You just post and craft as you can. Remember it's all supposed to be fun, no need to apologize, we understand.

Mindy said...

Thanks so much Katie - I just read that somewhere yesterday also. Life is stressfull enough, scrapbooking is not supposed too be. This is supposed to be my get away and lately it seems like nothing is. Thanks for understanding.

sillyshysushi said...

I finally figured out this thing! I found you! =) I hope everything is o.k and just stopping by to say hi. It feels like I haven't talk to you in ages...probably 'cause my computer isn't working =)

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