I'm Back!

Can you believe that it has been 6 months. Yes, I said six months since I last posted. I have looked and try to post a couple of times but the words just never came out. 

I'm sorry to all my followers that have been wondering where I have been. Well there is no other way to put this but to say that I have been trapped within myself. Stuck in my own head. Life has chewed me up and spit me out. That of course is how I have looked at it. I have gone with a very rough patch the past year or so and I am really trying hard to get onto the road to recovery. I am trying to become a better me. All in all, I just have to know that the surgery I had 3 years ago changed my life forever and I will have to learn to live a life full of chronic pain. If you yourself or know someone that deals with chronic pain, just let them know that you are aware not all illnesses are visible. There may be times on my blog that I will just need to talk about my surgery and see if others are dealing with the same thing. If you are my crafty followers, that is a day you might want to skip. I just need to get things off my chest and maybe this will be a good way for me to do it. Not that I will be complaining, but just to say my feelings. 

I truly am going to work on blogging more again. It is a release and a way to interact with others. I miss the pen-pals that I had and talking with ladies from around the world. I love to see all the wonderful creations and beautiful works of art each of you come up with. And the crafty challenges and visiting everyone's work desk.

I, myself have not done much in the way of crafting, since pain has stolen my mojo. But of course that never stops me from buying craft supplies. I once said that they needed to create a C.S.A. (Craft Supply Anonymous). You know, for us crafters that buy, buy, buy, but never use. I'm pretty much a hoarder of all things crafty. I hate to use it just because it is so pretty and I might not find it again. I, however, am TRYING to behave myself and slow down in that arena. 

As for my craft space. Last year my son had moved out for a couple months to go to school and moved in with his grandparents. We were thinking it was going to be much longer than it was. I had moved my entire space from the location in the living room into the small bedroom. And my daughter and husband and I moved our rooms around too. After finally getting things the way I liked them.....My son asked if he could move back home. Of course he did. So back out to the living room I went. I still am out in the living room and think I have things the way I like them, since this is the third time moving things around. And watch, he will move out again and I will be able to have a bedroom back. I also plan on doing a updated room tour since I have things the way I like them. So keep an eye out for the YouTube video.

I have spent a lot of time with my good friend Candy from Life on the Crafty Side. She has been a wonderful support and we do and talk crafty stuff all the time. She is a wonderful helper when I do my workshops and just great to be a listening ear when I need a friend. 

I think that is enough info for you for tonight. But I will be posting again soon. Hopefully with some new art that I have been working on. Maybe some cards or a couple layouts. One just never knows. 

Thanks for being a listening ear and can't wait to talk with you again soon. 

Blessing - Mindy
The Determined Scrapper

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