Bye Bye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin'

I have no clue why Google Reader is soon to be gone.  But, I have made the transition to Bloglovin’to read up on the blogs I follow.  It was actually super simple and literally took all of 3 minutes.
You just create a Bloglovin’ account and in the process it asks if you want to import the blogs you read on Google Reader to your new Bloglovin’ account.  Click the button to import and that’s it!
The platform looks similar to Google Reader…

Don’t worry if you don’t see your blog on my list of reads…The list is very long and I LOVE BLOGS
And if you prefer to read your favorite blogs on your phone or iPad, here is the Bloglovin’ app!
Thank you all for being such loyal readers.  I feel so lucky!  Now go get your read on and Follow my blog with Bloglovin'!!
Or, if readers aren't your thing, of course you can opt for email updates instead! (See the box below.)
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I should note– I wasn't compensated in any way for this post.  Just wanted to share my thoughts on switching reader platforms in case the soon to be disappearance of Google Reader has got you flustered. ;)


Spyder said...

Thanks for following! I have no idea why Google are stopping this either, something else stopped over on the ebook site I'm on too, so that now you can't instantly see who's read something or voted for you. Have a great crafty week....just seen your woyww banner, I'm sooo behind this week I've only visited about a dozen people!! And it#s Wednesday again tomorrow!


Danielle Hunter said...

Great to see you blogging again! I thought I was ahead of the game when I switched to gReader for my blog reading - the app said it was still going to work after Google Reader's closure, but it stopped and I was out of town!! So, a day after the closure, I signed up for BlogLovin' and manually added my favorite blogs. I like the design of it and the ability to organize and delete easily. That was one of the fails of Google Reader...I tried to delete blogs, but they never went away. It's nice to have a fresh start!

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