Capri Sun Purse Tutorial

What in the world could you do with those drink pouches after you are done....... 

Well instead of throwing them out, how about making a purse or a bag or something more useful.

Materials needed:

Drink Pouches - 9 were used for this purse
Sewing machine
Ribbon for handles
Velcro dot or closure 

After emptying your drink pouches, make sure to wash them. I soak mine in dish soap and hot water. After that I will remove and place on towel to dry. Once air dried I will place in between 2 paper towels and run it through my Cuttlebug to flatten. Some others have used a rolling pin to make sure all excess water is removed.

Start with the bottom, depending on how wide you would like your project, will depend on how you complete the bottom. I will give the details for the purse that was made. I am currently working on a messenger bag and hope to show that to you soon. 

With sewing machine set on Zig Zag stitch, sew 2 pouches together about midway. 

As you can see here, I have stitched both seams.

Stitch together 2 for each side, attach 1 for each end. Before you connect and make it a complete circle you will need to connect bottom. 

This will take a little maneuvering to get the edges to all line up. 

Once you have completed this, all edges should have stitching and you should now have a purse. Now trim the last pouch around circular design on bottom of pouch. Stitch around entire pouch. 

Using the top of the pouch, sew into inside back of purse.

Attach a Velcro dot to the exterior of the purse and to the pouch used as the flap. 

Sew ribbon into purse to create 2 handles. 

And then..... look how cute it is....

Hope you are able to understand the way I have it written. 

I will also be adding a couple more tutorials soon. 

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Jamie said...

this is awesome!!!

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