Have you ever been going along and you see that the project you have been working on is ALMOST done. I painted and distressed the frame last night before I went to bed and I just started working on it a little bit ago to finish it up.

One last thing needs to be done. I need to add the little doll rod on the back as the stand.

THEN..... PO, CRACK, BOOM!!!!!!!



Time to see if we have any wood glue.

So hopefully this is not how the rest of my evening will be.

On a better note, I have been busy getting things done. I am working my way through all my Cricut cartridges to do the project that is in the front of the manual.

Here is what I have done so far.
This is from  - A Child's Year
This is from - Beyond Birthdays

And this is from Animal Kingdom.

Well that what I have for now. I have also uploaded a couple of cards that I have done the past couple of days over on my Facebook - The Determined Scrapper. Make sure to go and check it out.

Time to go get the glue. Have a Wonderful Monday evening.

Mindy -
The Determined Scrapper


nessy said...

wow!! you have been busy.... amazing creations!!
vanessa xx

Susi said...

LMAO! Mindy...yes it has happened to me before and it SUCKS! Ughh! Hey but at least all you other projects are amazing! Great job girlie!

Danielle Hunter said...

Oh man, Mindy, hope you were able to fix that. It looked beautiful, as well as all the other projects. Browsed your blog, it's been a few weeks since I've been here, but I see you've been busy! And wow! What a craft room! I'm very jealous and even showed my husband your photos. If we ever end up scrapping together, I know we won't be doing it at my house, lol! Take care!!

Mariam said...

oh NO!!!! That is a beautiful project! I hope the frame was able to be fixed! LOVE LOVE LOVE the cards!!!!

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