Great Road Trip

Hello everyone. I have been home since Tuesday night, but have not been able to get a post up. My Internet is not working correctly at home and it has been VERY tough. As soon as I get the right computer to work I can upload my pictures and show you a little of what I did while I was away. Had a great time with the family and can't wait to see them again.

I have unfortunately been sick ever since I returned home and have not been able to craft. I will be working on the album as soon as I start feeling a little better. Even right now, my head is killing me and I am going to make this a short post.

Hopefully everyone had a great week, I can't wait to check every one's blogs. Have a great weekend and see you soon.



I just love road trip, especially the ones with the destination of Arkansas. I am getting ready to leave and go see my brother and his family. I can not wait. A 13 hour drive is just what I need right now. (I am not being sarcastic either)

I will be away from my blog for a couple of days, but hope to return with pictures and stories. I will start working on my vacation scrapbook too. I have an album just for trips to my brothers.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and is blessed everyday.


I am truely BLESSED

I have worked for an insurance office for 8 years and over this time I have gotten to know a lot of our insureds. One of our insured has recently passed and her daughter called to let us know. The only thing is her daughter wanted to call and thank ME for getting to know her mother.

I had great joy in getting to talk with Mrs. Bolton. She was the type of person you could talk to on the phone for hours and always have something to say.

I just wanted to show a card that I have made to send to her daughter.

Have a blessed day.



Ok - so I have been trying to do a couple of videos here and there so I can get the hang of it. I have posted a couple new videos to YouTube. I am trying to get my feet wet and get better at it. I just craft for me and what I like. I do not do the NORM. I am still trying to find my way and find my style. I hope you enjoy stopping by my blog and checking things out. I love comments, I LOVE VISITORS and I really love followers that come back to visit.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and stop by my YouTube channel to check things out.

Until the next time. Please comment.


Happy Halloween

My first Halloween Card of the season. Ok, really I think this is my first Halloween card ever. Last year I completed a Halloween book, which I will post pictures of now that I have thought about it. Just thought I would share.


Personal Card Challenge

Its fun when you make your own little challenge to yourself. Last night after I did my cupcake card I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to see if I could come up with something. So here it is. I told myself to make a square card with only the Cricut and the Cuttlebug. This is what I came up with.

I really love this paper too, it is DCWV. The card that I did before was just simple. I have a hard time planning and sketching out cards, I just kinda do what ever happens when I am in my craft space. But that is what I enjoy. I don't really like to have too much of a plan. If I do then the plan never seems to happen and I don't want to disappoint myself when crafting. So don't have a plan and you can surprise yourself every time.

Until later after I work on a couple of other things, this is what I have for now. Make it a great day.

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