So Facebook has allowed me to get in touch with people that I have not seen or talked to since grade school. Upon getting in touch with one of these people I was blessed to receive a wonderful gift.
Can you BELIEVE that? Due to medical reasons she is no longer able to stamp:-(
She had asked if I was into stamping and I told her that I had a few and I am starting to build my collection. After telling me that she was not longer able to stamp she said, "well I have something for you". And after she tries to sell some that she has at home, she still has more.
I just can not believe that she gave them to me, of course I gave her some money for them and I will give her more, but I am sooooooooo grateful.
I am sorry that she no longer can enjoy stamping, but she is always able to stop by and scrap whenever she wants.
Thanks so much Lisa, you do not know how much I appreciate this wonderful gift.

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BellaBug22 said...

WOWZERS!!!! What a RAK! Enjoy those stamps!

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